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Blockchain tokens could transform the music industry Music industry

Blockchain tokens could transform the music industry Music industry


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Will Blockchain Change the Music Industry? November 15th, 2017. BlockChain Heading

Popular Music DJ Set to Launch Blockchain-based Project for the Music Industry - unblock.net

Blockchain for the music industry explained in 1 minute

How the Blockchain Can Change the Music Industry (Part I)

The blockchain is a decentralized system, with no single entity controlling it. The servers keeping its backbone upright are scattered across the globe, ...


Three Startups Trying to Transform the Music Industry Using the Blockchain

Blockchain tokens could transform the music industry

WATERTOWN — A company based at the Masonic Temple is working on an app that could revolutionize the way musicians are paid for music.

Watch out Spotify - blockchain is coming to the digital music industry!

... unify the live music based on the blockchain technology. Fissacoin functions as a cryptocurrency, which stakeholders in the live music industry can use ...

By InsideBitcoins ...


Bitcoin Will Fail Ethereum Music Ico. Top 10 things you MUST know about cryptocurrency by Blockchain guru

Musicians Turned Miners? How a DJ Is Disrupting Spotify With Blockchain

Decentralized Music Platform VOISE Focuses On Maximizing Revenue For Independent Artists

What could a decentralized 'music industry' platform look like?

Music Industry

Phasebox - Blockchain For The Music 🎵 Industry, CoinFestUK, Manchester 2018

Music is perhaps the most frequently “revolutionized” industry in the entire world… can MusiCoin finally change it for the better?

The founders aim for the Vibe token to become the go-to digital currency for the live music industry.

Initiative gaining industry traction

If you have ever come across the RecordGram application on the Play Store, chances are you already know what Tune Company is and for what they are most ...

The transactions on the platform are executed in LOC tokens,. The submit Blockchain Enters Hotel Industry as Booking Service. Telegram's ICO And Bitcoin's.

Royalties & Copyright for Matt White's "Love"

Blockchain could completely transform the music industry

The blockchain technology has the potential to change the world as we know it. Not only investing in blockchain technology can be a great way to make money, ...

Cryptolocator Launches International Ethereum Trading Platform

How Blockchain Technology Will Change The Music Business

Using Blockchain to Overhaul the Music Industry

Viberate – Crowdsourced Live Music Blockchain Marketplace Tokens?

What Is Bitcoin, Blockchain's Future in the Music Industry?

Blockchain Streaming & Payments Site Choon Won't Change the Music Industry

Blockchain and Token Overview

Brian pull quote. Currently, there are generally two camps of blockchain proponents in the music industry.

PR: Nuls—the Global Open Source Platform for Blockchain-Based Applications to Be Adopted in Business Scenarios

... banks serve as the critical storehouses and transfer hubs of value. As a digitized, secure, and tamper-proof ledger, blockchain could serve the same ...

Our music tech predictions for 2018: SoundCloud's survival, the Bitcoin boom and more modular madness

Blockchain for Music... ...Musicians and the Music Industry ...


SEC's Latest ICO Complaint Could Hint At Utility Token Debate - ETHNews.com

Blockchain for The Music Industry

Blockchain technology could be the music industry's long-awaited savior

Screenshot taken on the Smackathon website

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The world has come to take notice of Blockchain technology in tandem with the rise of Blockchain's pioneer application i.e. cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

Market Updates

Why can blockchain be a good technology for music distribution?

No new technology encapsulates the potential for positive change for this suffering music industry more than the Blockchain. With blockchain technology ...


Episode 126: Leigh Cuen Talks Cryptocurrency and the Sex Industry

PeerTracks & 'Blockchain 3.0' Platform MUSE Set to Transform the Music Industry

Will Blockchain revolutionize the Music Industry? VOISE believes it will! - Bitcoin Garden

Inmusik ICO (SOUND Token): Blockchain Music Streaming & Business Platform?

This startup is going to disrupt the music industry with blockchain technology

Viberate Shakes Up Music Industry with its VIBE Token Crowdsale

Is the music industry ready for a de facto cryptocurrency?

Music Copyright and Blockchain Technology

Here's an Explanation For Five-Year- Old What is Blockchain Technology? A Step-by-Step Guide.

Ujo Music on blockchain: 'It's such an uphill battle with existing companies '

The blockchain is transforming everything around us including finance, banking, education and so on. And now, blockchain can be used to improve your love ...

How the Blockchain Could Disrupt the Music Industry

RecordFarm Hopes To Disrupt $130 Billion Dollar Music Industry With RCD Token

About DropD

NEM [XEM] Blockchain into music industry, collaborations unroll!

Seeds Token Sale Lets You Ask the Blockchain for Help

The Blockchain industry witnessed a boom in 2017. With its security, reliability, decentralization and tamper-proof features, the blockchain technology is ...


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The company aims to build a live music ecosystem based entirely on blockchain and its home-grown cryptocurrency.

... is building a decentralized compliance protocol that works as a global standard for issuing and trading crypto-securities on blockchains.

Blockchain set to revolutionise the music industry

Blockchain: A New Way To Promote Your Music That (Might) Actually Work! | Musician's Breakthrough

OPUS – Etherum & IPFS Decentralized Music Platform ICO Network?

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Poloniex Currencies List Crypto Music Ico

PR: Last Chance to Join Cash Tracker DineroONE Token Presale, a Product That Will Create €45 Billion Worth Industry

How cryptocurrencies and the blockchain are democratizing the music industry

Musicoin: Revolutionizing The Music Industry + Fair Rewards For Artists Through Blockchain!