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Columbia A retired Southeastern Guide Dog Her tail wag makes up

Columbia A retired Southeastern Guide Dog Her tail wag makes up


Sr. Chief Brad posing for the camera on Joint Base Andrews. (Fox News

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guide dog puppy in training

Zack coming home with puppy raiser, Cheri Hall

Yellow Labrador litter-mates wait patiently in the Puppy Academy for their next training session. Southeastern Guide Dogs

The Guide Dog Training Blog

Retirement portrait of guide dog Brego

Audrey and Zack together. "

Zack in retirement ready to play ball

Senior Chief Brad 2

Paws 4 Summer Camp!

Jim Kutsch first graduated from The Seeing Eye in 1970. After working as a college

Guide dog injured shielding blind owner from oncoming bus

Zack's puppy picture with harness

Zack and Audrey Graduating from Southeastern

Future Guide Dog

The Southeastern Guide Dogs Story

Why Choose Southeastern Guide Dogs

Zack The Guide Dog

Audrey and guide Jessie

Deadline: AUGUST 1st. Please email you submission(s) to contest@guidedogs.org

Quill: The Life of A Guide Dog « Holiday Adds

Zack with his birth mother and siblings

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled on the road for these vehicles, but also be sure to follow our Instagram page to see where they take us next.

It's a day to celebrate guide dogs - coz you gotta admit, they're pretty damn amazing.

R e s o u rc e fo r Wisconsin Dogs & Their Humans

This past March, Southeastern Guide Dogs launched a fundraising and public awareness campaign called Superheroes

Audrey speaks at Fort Johnson Baptist Church

R e s o u rc e fo r W i s consin Dogs & Their Humans

A good first week for our newest addition, Georgie. It was easy to see he became relaxed as he learned the routine by following the lead of our crew.

Day Campers visit with Jessie off-harness

... sleep and after a slow start this morning by this afternoon CarrieAnne was enjoying time outside with all of us. This evening she ate her entire meal.

Brad in the clinic

SE Guide Dogs on

R e s o u rc e fo r W i s consin Dogs & Their Humans

R e s o u rc e fo r W i sconsin Dogs & Their Humans

Creative fiction telling the story of two seeing eye guide dogs' adjustment to their new visually-challenged partner and to life in the big city.

We said good-bye to Bo here at home. After the vet left, there was a very touching response from Rhett. While we waited for the service who is returning his ...

After serving two lengthy deployments in the Army during Operation #Iraqi #Freedom, Erik Babb medically retired in 2010. He lost a lot of friends during the ...

Sheryl with her chickens. While her guide dog ...

R e s o u rc e fo r W i s consin Dogs & Their Humans

Georgie's retriever side shows in that he loves attention. A couple of nights he woke me up nudging my hand for pats and a nighttime chat.

All of that barking, wagging and gabbing works up the appetite. Palace Pizza,

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Trainer Jonathan Bjaland explains the surface change before Kevin Hart and guide dog Chief step off the street curb. [Pictured: Man in Southeastern Guide ...

Meet Our Officers

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shake it off _dog behavior

He also is getting along well with the other dogs. Having lived with small dogs, Georgie barely seems to notice Todd trying to boss him around.

cabana is standing in a pond with lots of grass growing up through the water,

When he saw me he stood up and started wagging his tail. His eyes were all sparkly and there was something so innocent about him as he was smiling and ...

Pictured here from left to right are Dixie Land Guide Dog Users President Nancy Smith Moore (with guide dog Luna); Laurel Jean (with Slim, her long, ...

Some of our longtime readers may remember Ms Bailey, our Dining Doggie Diva. She is an alum of Humane Society of Tampa Bay and is shown eating her favorite ...

Weimaraner: This breed is often referred to as “the dog with the human brain.” That's because, in addition to being highly intelligent, he also has piercing ...

Brittani the guide dog came into Jernigan's life in the Spring of 2007 through Southeastern Guide

~Jake, Cissy and camera shy Sunny~

... time waking up from the anesthesia. Of course remembering that makes me uneasy, but I don't know that there's a choice given the condition of the tooth.

Melba_Silver Spring_Maryland_21691_Lap_of_Love_Veterinary_Hospice_Euthanasia_bigthumbnail.jpeg

Chernobyl's abandoned dogs create their own exclusion zone community

~Deizel and Charlie sharing a moment~

Contact the Dixie Land Guide Team!

I think that description means that at our house every day is National Dog Day.

Guide Dog In Training Gets All Goofy When He Meets Pluto At Disneyland

The surgeon is recommending a TPLO (tibial plateau leveling osteotomy). Since Max is a "foster dog" the board of the rescue will decide what the next step ...

As this week comes to an end, as many of you may know, it's National Dog Day. Sunny (below) doesn't care what day it is, he wanted away from the camera and ...

They have created the country's first dog-fighting DNA database, which they say will help criminal investigators piece together an abused animal's history ...

Every Day is National Dog Day

Lucy, a pit bull rescued from Colombia. Her former owner abused her so badly

Employees stop to pet the dogs as long as they are not in the middle of inspecting a delivery.

Beloved Kearney, retired Guide Dog for the Blind

English springer spaniel: One of the most wonderful things about this breed is how their intelligence mixes with their amiability.

Picture of baby Jessie.

Having lived with small dogs, Georgie barely seems to notice Todd trying to boss him around. And best of all, our boy Gus seems to have found a new pal.

Wirehaired Vizsla - Wirehaired Vizsla guarding game

Our Town 2016 MAY-JUN (Newberry & Jonesville) by Tower Publications - issuu

Help my team support the Southeastern Guide Dogs Walkathon!

Can Dogs Help Us Understand the Link Between Intelligence and Health?

Southeastern Guide Dogs transforms lives by creating and nurturing extraordinary partnerships between people and dogs, throughout the United States.

ROSCO @ In Dog ...