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DC10 Air Tanker Wikipedia FIREFIGHTING t

DC10 Air Tanker Wikipedia FIREFIGHTING t


Tanker 912 taxiing in Albuquerque, New Mexico

The DC-10 Air Tanker is an American wide-body jet air tanker,

DC-10 firefighting air tanker, capable of dropping 12,000 gallons of water in 8 seconds [1280x864] ...

(T-911) McDONNELL DOUGLAS DC-10 (N17085) 10 Tanker Air Carrier, Air Tanker - Coulée Hite Fire at 21521 W Coulee Hite Road in Spokane, Washington - 8 Aug, ...

A DC-10 Tanker operated by a private contractor for the U.S. Forest Service demonstrates a water drop during "Thunder Over The Empire Air Fest" at March Air ...

(T-911) McDONNELL DOUGLAS DC-10 (N17085) 10 Tanker Air Carrier, Air Tanker - New Meaning for "Down in the Weeds"



N17085 10 Tanker Air Carrier McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30

N306FE, the MD-10-30 involved in the attempted hijacking of FedEx Express Flight 705, seen landing at Reno/Tahoe International Airport, 2016.

An Ilyushin Il-76TD of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps demonstrates aerial firefighting at an air show.

Air Tanker and bins of Phos-Chek Fire Retardant

Tanker 910, a DC-10 airtanker to fight fires - Photo: Alan Radecki

(T-911) McDONNELL DOUGLAS DC-10 (N17085) 10 Tanker Air

(T-912) McDONNELL DOUGLAS DC-10 (N522AX) 10 Tanker Air

DC-10 air tanker. F'ing huge.

Tanker 912 next to Tanker 911 in February 2015

DC-10 prototype during flight testing

747 Supertanker

DC-10 Air Tanker DC10 Air Tanker Wikipedia

DC-10 Air Tanker Tanker 911

A Hawaiian Airlines DC-10-10

(T-911) McDONNELL DOUGLAS DC-10 (N17085) 10 Tanker Air


Tanker 910 during a drop demonstration in December 2006.

A Bureau of Land Management Lockheed P2V drops flame retardant at Pine Mountain, Oregon. (2014)

(T-912) McDONNELL DOUGLAS DC-10 (N522AX) 10 Tanker Air

Inside view of Tanker 910's cockpit

(T-66) Douglas DC-7B (N6353C) (Sn 45486)

T-910 Soberanes Fire

Coulson 737 air tanker

A Lynden Air Cargo C130 firefighting air tanker at Brisbane Airport. (Lance Broad)

DC-10 Air Tanker 10 Tanker Air Carrier I drop in on the company that

A Biman Bangladesh Airlines DC-10-30 on short final to Frankfurt am Main Airport

The DC-10 Air Tanker

Wikipedia say the C-130J can carry a 44,000-pound payload and has a cruising speed of 348 knots (400 mph, 643 km/h).

List of McDonnell Douglas DC-10 operators

The specific plane posted by OP

DC-10 Air Tanker Evaluation of DC10 air tanker BFCRC Legacy

Tanker 40, a BAe-146, during tests. Photo by Tronos

#WildfireMap #WildfireFacts #FamousWildfires

Tanker Air Carrier McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30ER.

20 large air tankers to be on exclusive use contracts this year

New agreement to produce US-built Be-200 amphibious air tanker - Fire Aviation

DC-10 air tanker

Erickson adding a second tank to their MD-87 air tankers


(T-911) McDONNELL DOUGLAS DC-10 (N17085) 10 Tanker Air

Another ...

Watch a DC-10 skirt the mountain tops to fight wildfires in Southern California

“Tanker 910” by beltz6 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Lockheed P-3A Orion operated by Aero Union

747 Supertanker obtains interim approval

Two DC-10 air tankers at Mesa Gateway

DC-10 Fire Tanker Joins the Fight Against SoCal Blazes; Supertanker 747 Remains Unemployed

Update on USFS HC-130H's and other air tankers

IL-76 747 Supertanker air tanker chile

End of the line for the McDonnell Douglas DC-10

KC-390 air tanker

With none of the blaze contained, authorities have called in some of the largest air tankers in the world ...

DC-10 air tankers have dropped about as much retardant as the MAFFS C-130s

Another Be-200ES delivered to Russia's firefighting agency

Stuff here

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Omega Air DC-10 (c) Phil Vabre

Boeing 747

Beaver Fire, MD-87, T-103, South Dakota,

It's now used as the tactical support aircraft, supervising the firefighting aircraft and providing tanker ...

10 tanker

FedEx DC-10 at San Jose (c) Dylan Ashe. Creative Commons

CDF S-2T Turbine Tracker landing at Fox Field, Lancaster, California, while

A DC-10 fire fighter creating what seems to be the control line.

Aerial Firefighting

Air tanker 44 slides off runway at Rocky Mountain Metro Airport

Royal Netherlands Air Force KDC-10 (c) Sebastian Barheier. Creative Commons


10 Tanker DC-10 Dropping Fire Retardant At Low Altitude

ATC may control the firefighting aircraft en-route to and from the fire if there is an operational advantage, and certainly will control on landing and ...

Contract awarded to install retardant tanks in Forest Service HC-130H air tankers

C-130H and Firewatch 76

Fire Trucks in Action!: Fire Planes and Fire Helicopters

Boeing 747 Supertanker Very Large Air Tanker ...

Fire Boss

McDonnell Douglas DC-10 Matchbox Skybusters SB 13 1987

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DC3 food truck. “

Air Spray moves into California, will convert BAe-146 into air tanker

82-0193 McDonnell Douglas KC-10A Extender (DC-10-30CF)

Aerial Firefighting


A C-130 Hercules dubbed Thor has been converted into a water-bomber to