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I don39t care that she was a murder She is so kawaii Mirai Nikki

I don39t care that she was a murder She is so kawaii Mirai Nikki


I don't care that she was a murder.

Yuno- I loved her character! She was a complete psychopathic Bad Ass and she was just so cool! < < yuno is life

I dont care who i have to hurt. I dont care whose blood i have to spill. I wont let anyone take him away from me.

So true! #yandere

Awh :3 Yuno was so kawaii today :3 Yuki, let it flow and get together FOR REAL with your thug wife.

Yuno Gasai- she doesn't care if she's hurt or not, she can and Will kill you.

Finally got around to doing this piece, it's big so it took me a while to color everything Hope you like it Art Trade : Yuno Gasai

Future Diary · Otaku AnimeMirai Nikki ...

yuki screwed yuno and now he's fucked up. that's so funny

8 best Mirai Nikki❤ images on Pinterest | Anime girls, Yuno gasai and Mirai nikki future diary

She doesn't look like a murderous psychopath.Yuno Gasai of Future Diary (Mirai Nikki)

anime:mirai nikki / the future diary

Mirai Nikki. See more. “ By 木崎七 Permission to upload this image was given by the artist. ”

mirai nikki - yuno gasai the good and the bad side

I wont say that she is a crazy murderer 😂😂😂

Yuno Gasai-i dont care id still want a yandere gf.

mirai nikki yuno gasai she so cute

Jaja! love this look of she *.*

I shipped it. Future DiaryMirai NikkiShe S

8 best Mirai Nikki❤ images on Pinterest | Anime girls, Yuno gasai and Mirai nikki future diary

Yuno with cellphone

Mirai Nikki - Yuno, Yuki & Akise

Mirai Nikki Yuno gasai she has been through so many bad things yet wants it back in her memories

Yuno, Mirai Nikki

Talking about murder. Talking to a psychotic murderer Sauce: Mirai Nikki/Future diary. future diary was the akise is best character Mirai Nikki Future Diary ...

Anime picture mirai nikki gasai yuno amano yukiteru knofe long hair single tall image light erotic black hair fringe pink hair standing holding ass from ...

Mirai Nikki || Akise Aru

Mirai Nikki, Fairytail, Nalu, Noragami, Fairy Tales, Fairytale

Yuno Gasai - Mirai Nikki

Gasai Yuno (Mirai Nikki) | Yandere

Gasai Yuno Mirai nikki

Yuno thinks it's kawaii.

Mirai Nikki

Browse Mirai Nikki collected by Gwendoline Santillan and make your own Anime album.

Mirai Nikki || Aru || When I saw this I had to close my

Gasai Yuno - Mirai Nikki/Future Diary | Spiral Notebook

Mirai Nikki || Gasai Yuno, Akise Aru

Amano Yukiteru, Gasai Yuno, and Akise Aru (Mirai Nikki). I'm not into yaoi, but this anime was the one time that I ended up hoping he would go for the guy ...

12 best mirai nikki images on Pinterest | Mirai nikki future diary, Yuno gasai and Anime meme

I dont, I accept ya for who you are today.. Some don'

Akise Aru : One of the most amazing gay character in the anime history. Mirai Nikki(Future Diary) //why dont they make him hia own anime? I jusy soo had to ...

She is so kawaii lol ♡

Akise is bby it breaks my heart to know that Akise loves Yukki but he ended up with Yuno Why no happy yaoi end - Character : Akise Aru Anime : Mirai Nikki - ...

Yuno Gasai x Reader~ You were just an ordinary high-school girl. He was just an ordinary high-school boy.

Yuno (Mirai Nikki) OMG she so cute yet so hot shes perfect

Minene and Nishijima. Mirai Nikki ...

How dare you talk shit about me?! - Yuno.

Mirai Nikki - Yuki and Yuno

Anime: Mirai Nikki

tag yourself im yucky v2 but I like to think of myself as minecraft

Yuno and Yuki // Mirai Nikki Yuki got so much better after he started caring about Yuno and after he killed all those orphans

Nawwww I never thought that Yuno holding a knife could be so cute . ahhh i love yuno without her i woudnt watch Mirai Nikki tbh :D

... ♡ On Pinterest @ kitkatlovekesha ♡ ♡ Pin: Anime ~ Future Diary ~ Yuno Gasai (2nd) ♡

anime, mirai nikki and yuno gasai image on We Heart It

Don't judge...after many , many animes you will eventually end

cellphone gasai yuno long hair lying mattaku mosuke mirai nikki on back phone pink eyes pink hair solo

Mirai Nikki

Yuno and Akise

Mirai Nikki

He's SO HAWT yet he dead. slowly tears up* made by Vanessa Castillo

mirai nikki uryuu minene - she's quite wise

Yuno Gasai ✘ Mirai Nikki

Mirai Nikki, Yandere, Anime Style, Anime Girls, Stuff Stuff

Akise Aru (Mirai Nikki) lots of people probably love him others might now but I don't know why ever white haired anime boy I see I fall in love with it ...

Uryuu Minene- that part did confuse me, but I don't care.

Mirai Nikki - Yuno Gasai (Genderbend) so cute

AOTD: she's creepy and I honestly DONT like herrrr ❥fυтυяє ∂ιαяу .

Yuno Gasai Mirai Nikki

Mirai Nikki: Yuno Gasai

Mirai Nikki genderbend-Yuno would be so much scarier if she was a guy

Look at that smile as she sees his blood. Mirai Nikki ...

Yuno · Yandere CharactersYuno GasaiFuture DiaryMirai NikkiDiariesKawaii FanartHomeworkJournaling

images for anime girls. Find this Pin and more on Mirai nikki by Vero. She looks so Kawaii ...

Mirai Nikki Future Diary, Yuno Gasai, Sad, Messages

Mirai Nikki Future Diary

The Future Diary, Yuno, smiling so happily.either Yuki's around or she's just killed someone.

Not bad Mirai Nikki

Browse Mirai Nikki-Diario del futuro-Future Diary-Anime collected by Mido kun and make your own Anime album.

anime girls

Future Diary ~~ I freaking love Akise. Like sure, he may be a dick sometimes, but I seriously love him.

he ship yukki and aksie too yea

mirai nikki | Mirai Nikki.Yuno Gasai.320×480 (1) [

Those times he went to the amusement park with MurMur lmao # Mirai Nikki # Future Diary # Akise Aru

Minene | Mirai Nikki

Mirai Nikki/Future Diary - Yuno meme - exactly how i feel when i start getting text messages on my phone when im watching anime

Each of us must live with our own misfortunes. ~Uryuu Minene (Mirai Nikki

Is it bad I have nick name for the characters in Mira Nikki. Like blind bow girls,the red ranger, crazy exploding purple pigtails and SCARY ASS YANDERE BICH

Uryuu Minene- when they finally described her backstory, it was so sad, and · Mirai Nikki ...

I know she's supposed to be insane, but I really don't like her. Honestly she really annoyed me and was way to overprotective with Yukki.

Mirai Nikki is a twisted phychological thriller anime based on the manga written and illustrated by Sakae Esuno. It tells the story of Amano Yukiteru,.

Yuno Gasai, Future Diary, Mirai Nikki, Otaku

Yandere favorite of the year, Yuno, gets a gallery devoted specifically to her estranged self - exhibiting all of what it means to be obsessed, sadistic, ...

Kawai Yuno Gasai by Dessineka

Mirai Nikki - Minene Uryuu #AnimeKawaii

[Kawaii]The happiest character in [Mirai Nikki] (Shes also best girl)

Yuno stalking Yukki- in my opinion I don't see the problem yukki sees, I mean a girl is stalking you, what's the problem?

Mirai Nikki

Kasugano Tsubaki Anime, Fanart, Mirai Nikki, Pixiv, Loxcia

Mirai Nikki · So Sad · Calm · Please tell me someone else wanted this b*tch dead after she did this.