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Iconic Photo of Japanese Acts in China A Wounded Child at

Iconic Photo of Japanese Acts in China A Wounded Child at


Iconic Photo of Japanese Acts in China: A Wounded Child at Shanghai Station

... Japanese troops went on a widespread killing spree when they arrived in Nanjing

Wounded Japanese child and American pilot, Saipan, 1944.


The Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall, a record of Japanese atrocities during their six weeks of occupation, is probably China's best-kept museum.

Chinese and an American soldier display captured enemy Japanese trophies, including battle flags and armament following the recapture of Tengchong from the ...


Japanese imperial forces committed many war crimes in China during World War II


Beheading a Chinese soldier. Source: Robyn Beck/Getty Images.

Child Wounded In Bombing

... Japan's imperial forces were at their most brutal in China

People Tied To Poles. Killing Contest Between Soldiers. Child Wounded In Bombing

Burying Chinese prisoners alive. Source: Keystone/Getty Images.

12-year-old boy soldier of the 22nd Division of the Chinese 6th Army

Japanese soldiers handing out sweets to Chinese children. Source: The Japan Advertiser.

Planes Preparing. “

Japanese soldiers bayonet Chinese prisoners. Source: Keystone/Getty Images.

A Japanese headsman tells a Chinese prisoner how to hold his head for a quick decapitation during the Nanking Massacre, China, 1938 - [[MORE]] namraka: ...

... Dead bodies laid on the ground in China

Battle of Nanking/Rape of Nanking Nanjing, China. January, This photo shows a Chinese was being beheaded by a Japanese soldier with a sword in Nanking ...

A disabled beggar begs for alms from passersby along a street in downtown Shanghai. Photo: AFP

Agence France-Presse

Japanese abuse young Chinese cap- tives. Source: LOOK Magazine.

Japanese propaganda Source: Unknown Japanese.

Minnie Chan

These Japanese American children are eating obento lunches.

Raquel Carvalho

There are several accounts of the Japanese troops using civilians and prisoners of war for bayonet

There were also moments of tenderness, like the photograph below, when the CCP guerrilla found some Japanese orphans from the ruins of the town, ...

This iconic photo was taken August 14, 1945, "Victory over Japan Day," during a parade in Times Square.Alfred Eisenstaedt Via Wikipedia

Rape Of Nanking Execution

Japanese soldier executes Allied POWS

1943 Chinese Civillians being buried alive by Japanese soldiers | Stuff stuff | Pinterest | Bury, History and Historical photos

Jun Mai

The Lost Poetry of the Angel Island Detention Center

Gurkhas ambush Japanese in Burmese jungle. A Gurkha soldier assisting a wounded comrade. An

In 1882 the Chinese Exclusion Act was signed into law by President Chester A. Arthur

American and Filipino prisoners of war during the Bataan Death march when the Japanese force-

Rescue LOOK Magazine.

The Honorable Death: Samurai and Suicide in Feudal Japan

Agence ...

Chandran Nair


Bethune operating during Sino-Japanese war (http://www.chinawhisper.

Why do Japanese people wear surgical masks? It's not always for health reasons - Japan Today

Instead of going to school, Zeng was used as a child beggar due to her

War of the dragons: Why North Korea does not trust China

A Filipina "comfort woman" wipes away a tear during a January protest in

Gallery: ...

Pentagon lodges complaint after US pilots 'injured by Chinese military lasers' in Djibouti

Grenville Cross

South Korean protest over textbooks

Filmed images Source: LOOK Magazine.

Viewing under Yokai - Japan's Supernatural Folktale Creatures

The children of the village are waiting for the Japanese naval band that marches through (playing the famous warship march), whose captain liked to bestow ...

Rape Of Nanking Victim

Yong Soo Lee, a Korean woman forced into sexual slavery by Japanese forces, in Virginia to raise awareness on behalf of fellow survivors Sarah L. Voisin/The ...


Studio portrait of Jan Ruff O'Herne, taken shortly before she, her mother and sisters, and thousands of other Dutch women and children were interned by the ...

Severed Chinese head. Source: AP Photo.

Xia Shuqin, a Chinese survivor of the Japanese "Rape of Nanking"

China's Position on Japan and World War II

The suppression of the Samil protests by Japanese police:

Japanese war crimes against humanity- lest we forget

The Camera as a Weapon

Hiroo Onoda held out on the Philippines island of Lubang from 1945 until hi surrender in

In China, Human Costs Are Built Into an iPad

There were also moments of tenderness, like the photograph below, when the CCP guerrilla found some Japanese orphans from the ruins of the town, ...

Japan isolating itself with provocative nationalistic acts

Chinese burned by Japanese in Nanjing


Atrocities During the Japanese Occupation of China

Warning: DeathThis is a Japanese soldier bayonetting a Chinese baby during the rape of Nanjing ...

Children play in remnants of belfry of Urakami Cathedral

Emperor Hirohito, World War II, Japan

A Woman Whose Tongue Was Removed

Battle Royale-japanese-film-poster.jpg

Planned Japan invasion before World War II ended 70 years ago - Business Insider

In the Second World War, the northeastern part of China was occupied and colonized by Japan for many years. Schools taught Japanese and children became ...

William Pesek

5 june 1941 4,000 Chongqing residents are asphyxiated in a bomb shelter when #Japanese bombers attack Chongqing, China. WW2

Sword used in the "contest" on display at the Republic of China Armed Forces Museum in Taipei, Taiwan

Nanking Massacre Severed Head

One of twenty-six Javanese Kupang who were liberated at Kupang from Japanese brothels, 2 October 1945. Photographer K. B. Davis; AWM 120083

Writer M. Evelina Galang poses behind Piedad Nobleza, Dolores Molina and Josefa Villamar <

The Nationalist Assault on Japan's Local Peace Museums: The Conversion of Peace Osaka | The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus

There's more to this, its just really disturbing. The fact that the whole team ,crew and doctor's behind all the experiments didn't even go to jail.

Tenderness: In a July 1944 photograph, an American Marine lifts a nearly dead infant

Snapshot: The collection of images gives a rare glimpse of life during the Edo period

The Chinese Exclusion Act poster image

Fighting for the Japanese and the Puppet Army of Wang Jingwei at the End of World War II