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Is this some kind of beer Or cola Cola or beer Tsk probably

Is this some kind of beer Or cola Cola or beer Tsk probably


Sparky's Root Beer. History: This is a ...

History: If you've ever taken a stroll through your local health food store or maybe Whole Foods, you've probably seen a bunch of sodas with names you've ...

Appalachian Brewing Co.: White Birch Beer

104 of the Best Christmas/Winter Beers, Blind-Tasted and Ranked

History: Little did a couple college roomies know way back at Colorado State University that they'd open a little soda operation that would bloom into a ...

Maple Root Beer

Poorer members of society are most likely to benefit from taxes on soft drinks, alcohol and tobacco, experts claim.

Sehr leckeres Bier aus dem Hause Astra (Holsten Brauerei) #astra #beer

My post yesterday previewed Innis & Gunn's Blood Red Sky, a strongish red beer using the company's new Barrel Aged system which puts the barrel in the beer ...

San Francisco Board Of Supervisors Proposes Putting Soda Tax On Nov. Ballot

Badger Poachers Choice Ale - A firm MFBR favourite. Beer 101Beer BottleBadgerAlesCoca ColaChoicesPackagingEnglandWrapping

What Actually Causes a Beer Belly, and How to Get Rid of It

Nearly all caught up with the beer reviews now! Sadly, a rather full curriculum meant that I didn't get to ponder on many bottled beers over the Summer this ...

Double the joy of watching your favourite team's match with your favourite beer. Nothing could

Veltins · Coca ColaBeerRoot ...

104 of the Best Christmas/Winter Beers, Blind-Tasted and Ranked

Weizenbier: Weizenbier or wheat beer in English came originally from ...

Lager beer is the more dominant beer style in the brewery world, except in England

Nose: Not much of a scent on this, but sugar is what hits the nose most.

This was delicious! Nice head retention and lacing for the style. Aromas and flavors of big lightly tart lemon, lime peel, sea salt, cracker, bread dough, ...

carlsberg beer -

We were in a broody mid-winter kind of mood and looking for a broody beer to match. If labels are anything to go by, this one from Canadian Brewery Unibroue ...

Reading Draft: Creamy Red Birch Beer. History: Reading Draft is a ...

The number of patients with gout has nearly doubled since the 1970s, and sugary soft

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No, drinking a Coke isn't a sin for Mormons — and that was

Harvey and Vern's: Ginger Beer

Fizz: How the sugar content of a variety of soft drinks compares

Academics have calculated the likely reduction in consumption caused by putting up the price of full

PC: Carolyn Abrahams

A quarter of people think beer has more sugar than a can of cola, whereas

Producing beer on any decent scale in oak containers obviously became an issue in the last dozen years since barrels of any kind (new, used, etc.

The conference was held in Brussels: a city with a strong beer heritage

The first beer this time around is a 5% saison, brewed with malted sake rice and yuzu fruit. The Saison Du Japon pours a deep and hazy amber ...

Beam and Cola in a can? What fresh hell is this? Is it a weird chemical flavored malt beverage, or is it a real whiskey/coke? Oh, I'm getting to the bottom ...

Examiner: Hinterland Luna Coffee Stout Review

Witlinger Wheat Ale is probably the best tasting beer in the world. But why take

The recently released Alby beers, named after Perth's original brewery, which Gage Roads will be hoping achieve similar success to Lion's all Victorian ...

The white label bottle on the right is from around 1960 and still full. I haven't got hammered enough to open it for a review yet. Perhaps one day?

Maple Root Beer. History: Warning: nostalgic and heart-warming story incoming. Homer, Illinois is a town of about 1,000 people. It's a small, farm town.

We have always wondered how Irish bar customers reacted to the new form of the beer. There must still be people in Dublin today who remember Guinness before ...

People who consume at least two cans of soda per day are more likely to die

But now Coca Cola is joining in on this “cool” bandwagon as well with their own cold-activated graphic on Coke cans.

Beer is probably the most loved beverage in the world (possibly after Coca Cola or Pepsi). It's consumed in insane quantities every day by millions of peop

Vodka is actually the minimal calorie alcohol of choice. Once the bottles have soaked overnight they'll be prepared to wash. Beer has an extensive tradition ...

Fresh Brown Sugar Cider

Deconstructing Craft Beer #craftbeer #brewery #brew

There are very subtle differences, but god is in the details. I would probably say this is my favorite of the Icelandic Christmas beers, right now.

Sadly rarely seen on these shores. A great session beer again. Whole Foods Kensington sometimes has it.

Let's talk about sexist beer marketing

By far the easiest pairing to make of the five, this beer isn't a brash and boozy as it's bigger brothers but for my taste it is simply divine.

Faygo: Rock N' Rye

It is made in Peine Permission and photo from Leif in Seattle

Nose: Intense vanilla; caramel chews.

Still, Benelux is a “franco” hangout, at least by an unofficial sounding of the voices at surrounding tables. Two days ago it was mostly Québecois, ...

Beverages 02 00025 g001 550

Beck's #Becks #beer. Coca ColaBeerGermanRoot ...


Niraj Naik's infographic showed what happens to your body one hour after drinking a can of

harpoon winter 2016 (Custom).jpg

A 4 per cent pint of beer contains zero fat. Meanwhile, the average 45g

Craft Beer at Jack's Gastropub in Kingsville

Brew Hog Blowout

Nearly one in three Britons believe beer will give them a beer belly. In actual

P.S. If I'd known today's NBS was #666 I'd have purchased Duvel or some other devil-related beer.

The person that gifted this to me said the beer store clerk told them it was like Pumking. Perhaps a very watery and over spiced version?

troegs mad elf 2016 (Custom).jpg

Southern Pecan Nut Brown Ale Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company beer


Singha Beer of Thailand

Gose Gone Wild Stillwater Artisanal beer

Looking up I notice the bearded CAMRA man going into the 'inner sanctum', a room towards the back of the pub. Peering around the door I spy a fully stocked ...

Trekka APA - Ella single hop beer

11 Best Ginger Beer Brands (from a self-described ginger beer fanatic)


"We followed hash-smoked air into the middle of the freetown melee, pausing in a bar with seaside sensibility, a wooden hut filled with crusty, ...

Photo of Top 15 Beers Under Rs. 200 Available In India – From Worst To

Prices of those foreign brands start (for a 0,5l can in local shops, not bar) from 5,99 Kuna to 13,99 Kuna. My favorite beers are Heineken – 7,99 Kuna and ...

Beer, Root Beer, Ale

Coca-Cola in the U.S. has reduced levels of one of its ingredients following fears

Our favorite form of energy

Schloss Brau St. Annen Rhoeder

Until recently I have been quite a cola drinker, in fact I often drank a little too much in regards to cola and fizzy drink products.

Will grab a 4 pack eventually, got this single for now. I have been buying insane amounts of Founders beer the last few weeks.

Such incongruent elements are often a sign of the proudly independent beer pub, the precise opposite of the “corporate” style, which is no less valid, ...

ode special winter 2016 (Custom).jpg

de dolle stille nacht 2016 (Custom).jpg

old scrooge ale (Custom).jpg

Temptation Russian River Brewing Company beer

"In many cases this just forces brewers to use their ingenuity and knowledge to work out ways to make their beers with hops that are more readily available, ...

One in 10 people incorrectly think a half a pint of beer has more calories than

The story was similar for, say, a dish like kedgeree, based on the Indian rice dish kichiri. The bits of smoked haddock were a U.K. flourish, ...

There is a difference of opinion here at the Beer Library. That's not so unusual. Opinions are like beards round here, nearly everybody's got one.