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JOSHUA HONG 17Joshua Ult Biased t Joshua

JOSHUA HONG 17Joshua Ult Biased t Joshua


Seventeen Joshua : Photo


*・☪·̩͙ ·˖✶үσυ αяε мү gεт αωαү, үσυ αяε мү ғαvσяιтε ρℓαcε*・☪·̩͙·˖✶

Jisoo better stay in his lane, I can't afford so much money to reach Seoul right now. Find this Pin and more on Joshua Hong ...

PLEDIS 17 · Photo CardsHong JisooJoshua ...

Find this Pin and more on 17//Joshua (Ult!) Biased ❤ by Kate Benson.

I wouldn't mind if this hair made a comeback tbh

Joshua ~your mouth oppa yaaaaaa :*

One of my seventeen bias (yes I have more than one, if you don't, your lying) is this cute gentleman Joshua ❤️

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why is he so beautiful

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Joshua 조슈아 ♥ from Seventeen 세븐틴


PLEDIS 17. Hong JisooJoshua ...

Joshua Seventeen

Seventeen Joshua : Photo


Joshua Seventeen

SEVENTEEN || Joshua, Hong Ji Soo

Seventeen Joshua : Photo

Joshua is so kawaii in this picture seventeen♥


SEVENTEEN // Joshua Hong Cute <3


Seventeen l Joshua

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Joshua at Music bank

Joshua (Seventeen) - He is growing to be such a handsome man... :)


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~be my baby~

Once i send it to my mom and she said that Joshua looks like me. Then i said "oh well ok then, ...

SEVENTEEN 'Boys Be' Photoshoot - Joshua

Joshua Very Nice (y)

Find this Pin and more on 17//Joshua (Ult!) Biased ❤ by Kate Benson.


Joshua (Seventeen) Facts and Profile, Joshua's Ideal Type

Joshua ♥



joshua | seventeen

h e a l i n g : Photo

Seventeen Joshua Hong

Kết quả hình ảnh cho joshua seventeen instagram

Joshuaaaaa!!! He's precious!! Asia Artist Awards 2016

Joshua <3 | Encore Concert Backstage Twitter update

17 Joshua

SEVENTEEN joshua his feline like eyes always get me.they also remind me of tao

Joshua looks so good with glasses - but then again... they all do

Like why is Joshua so cute and handsome?

Seventeen, 17 and joshua image on We Heart It

@exulansis on pinterest ♕ #SEVENTEEN #JOSHUA

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kpop, and Seventeen image. Find this Pin and more on 17 - Joshua ...

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Seventeen Joshua. See more. [17TWITTER] Hong Jisoo

Joshua Hong is so cute omg

♥#JOSHUA #Smiling #Cute #Prince♥ HD

Happy Hong Jisoo Day ❤ I hope Seventeen's gentleman had a great day

Joshua is too cute 🐻

joshua be creepin

Joshua Music bank

170619 불명 출근 슈아 #joshua #조슈아 #지수 #洪知秀 #세븐틴 @. Pledis 17Joshua HongJoshua ...

Joshua Seventeen wallpaper/lockscreen

조슈아 #joshua

Seventeen Joshua : Photo

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Joshua Seventeen, Pledis 17


Joshua ♥



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PLEDIS 17-Joshua

Image result for joshua hong jisoo

He doesn't like the colour green.


Joshua ♥ edit by Jina | via Tumblr

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Sexy joshua

Pin by maelovesbacon on SVT | Pinterest | Seventeen, Joshua seventeen and Kpop


seventeen joshua | Tumblr

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What the hell this child is so attractive what the heck


Read Joshua from the story Random Seventeen Gifs, Pictures and Memes by bangtan_dorks with 66 reads.

Ultimate bias right here.

PLEDIS 17 · OboeHong JisooJoshua ...

LIKE SEVENTEEN || Joshua with a fanboy >///// < aaaaaawwwww

Joshua by Naver x Dispatch


pink and joshua :))

joshua seventeen - Recherche sur Twitter

seventeen joshua at teen, age album, orange version scans

apparently boys from america can look like this but.....where. Jisoo SeventeenSeventeen MemesJoshua ...

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