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Kida Favorite Disney Queen to this day Fandom Humor

Kida Favorite Disney Queen to this day Fandom Humor


Kida. Favorite Disney Queen to this day.


I didn't know a kids' show like that actually existed.

13 Arthur Memes That Will Make You Rethink Your Entire Childhood

Hera XD <

Somewhere out in the world there is a teacher who is in the fandom part of

Your'e not an Evil Queen. You are accepted by the "Real" Disney Queens.

Maleficent has always been my favorite Disney Villian. I always thought she was so elegant in her evilness.

One of the best Dreamworks movies :)

Best knock knock joke EVER!

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16 Signs You're Definitely Mushu From "Mulan"

So true but is someone says Percy Jackson I'll turn around in a second

GenieMadeYaLook. "

55 best My Favorite Murder podcast Quoted images on Pinterest | Cricut, Fandom and Fandoms

The days of tumblr song

Fandom Poem Hunger Games Divergent Harry Potter Mortal Instruments Percy Jackson and The Fault In Our Stars

Tumblr More

Me For what purpose have I been summoned? ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring quotes,

Claude Frollo

My Favorite Murder podcast quotes by Amanda Marie

Alice Through the Looking Glass

I'm screeching and laughing like an idiot.

Mickey Mouse

Toy Story

The other day while watching Frozen for the fourth time, this thought popped into my

The Lion King



Sofia the First

Bobs-Burgers-Wiki Burger-of-the-Day Example 01

Captain Hook

responsible adult by TheUltimateEnemy.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

The Mad Hatter Bonkers


The Lion King

Printed media

But, the fandom thinks she's a brunette. She reveals that she wears lip gloss and light makeup (mascara and lipgloss) Nikki has a slim figure and weighs 105 ...

It's Popular, Now It Sucks!

Blood of Kings 081: Methuselah's Trilogy - LEGACY, The Retrospective

... Art Nouveau Costume Designs IV by Hannah-Alexander

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Via tumblr.com

Culture Clash 86: The official FPNet MCU films Rankings!

Mumsnet user Wobblebeans kicked off the discussion after giggling at the phrase 'rabbit hole'

4. They will pretty much inject Harry Potter wherever and whenever they can.

3. HP-inspired abstract art is a thing that exists.

16. When Tumblr made a whole new Potter series.

5 fandom 2

21. When they wanted to hold title designers to account.

girls team spirit spirit week ideas

Sadist Show

8. And Aladdin's nipples.

The 20 Best Animated Films of the Last 20 Years

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Image result for the fandom

Custom If Lost Return to Funny Couples Shirts

Here are the ships that sometimes hurt to love:

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15. When they made a translation they came to regret.

'Not my baby, not my problem': One Direction's fandom translated their excitement

29. When Tumblr went a little too far with Tom Riddle's diary.

World book day 2017 costumes quotes memes

14. When a person tried to use Dobby to avoid chores.

Girls Snow Queen Costume

Disney Channel's 'Descendants' Movie To Feature Fairytale Villains | Deadline

Which Netflix original movies are worth streaming? Photo-Illustration: Gluekit

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The White Queen


QUIZ: What's Your RED QUEEN Power?

Shop Rick & Morty Tees

Dark Fic

Modern-Day Movies That Are Really Fairytales:

tangled facts age difference

6. They are very passionate about their love.

POP Aliens 6" Alien Queen Vinyl Figure

... a ◊ look ...

A new look: An anonymous New York-based artist has reimagined favorite Disney characters

Making a change: Each image in the series features the characters as they are known


...recognizing the warning signs.

This gave me hope in two senses: if he was married to a normal girl does that mean he isnt so dettached from reality? Maybe he could find a girl and become ...

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