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King or is she a Queen Parrot flew right over my head in her

King or is she a Queen Parrot flew right over my head in her


Australian King-Parrot

Flying Into Shade - A male King Parrot lit up by the sun flying into a shaded area giving a black background.

Close-up portrait of a male Australian King-Parrot.

Australian King Parrot is sometimes bred in aviaries and kept as home pets. As a family pet, it had been understood to live for as much as 25 years.

Female Australian ...

#LOST #Parrot, Hinchinbrook #NSW: My sun conure flew off while i

Male Australian King-Parrots are the only Australian parrots with a completely red head. Females are similar to males except that they have a

Taxonomy[edit]. Male in Lamington National Park. The Australian king parrot ...

King parrot flying

Types Of Birds

Cockatoos can move the feathers on their heads.

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Lateral ...

Australian King-Parrot

In coastal and high-rainfall mountain regions, King Parrot are characteristic inhabitants of densely

rose-ringed parakeet

Close-up ...

Western Ground Parrot

Some Australian ...

Hyacinth Macaw

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Australian King-Parrot

Pair ...

King Parrot, Male and Female

Cape Parrots are very sociable and super-loud; they call continually when in flight and speak different 'dialects' in different areas.

Princess parrot

Close-up frontal portrait of a female Australian King-Parrot ...

This allows seed eating parrots to finely crack open even a very small seed between the cutting tip of the lower mandible, and the upper mandible.

Hooded parrot (Psephotus dissimilis) - Cools off in the shade during the heat of the day. - Exotic Birds - by Nathan Litjens

Side-splitting video shows parrot head-bobbing to Elvis | Daily Mail Online

The developmental stages among birds are as diverse as the size, color and personality of each bird species.

Parrot's evil chuckle has its owner howling with laughter in video | Daily Mail Online

Men pose next to a 10-metre high dog statue, part of the promotional

Female Australian ...

amazing bird!!!he talks like a human being!!! - YouTube

Bonding ritual between a pair of Australian King-Parrots; the ...


An aggressive bird will use his beak as a weapon

Lovebirds. “

Lovebirds (genus Agapornis) – One of the most popular pet birds today, lovebirds originally come from equatorial areas of the African mainland and the ...

Birds with beautiful hairdos Compiled

The Nocturnal – Kakapo Parrot by mark_whatmough

London's Parakeets: Everything You Need To Know


types of parrots a-z

types of parrots

2. Parrots are among the most intelligent birds.

Budgies will defend their territory if the cage is overcrowded

Males have that colour on their chest and head. For a full set of images of all stages of development of Australian King-Parrots, have a look at this site, ...

Cape parrots like to feed and nest in high-altitude forest. That's why you don't find them in the Knysna forests, despite yellowwoods growing there.

Parrot Crossing

Donning a black-tipped Mohawk, the hoopoe is the definition of cool. It flaunts its feathers in Africa, the Mediterranean and throughout Europe and Asia.

The photo of the author covered in parakeets was taken by a passing Kashmiri priest (this is true) who eventually fled in fear at the bolshy birds.

The remarkably colorful Blue-and-yellow Macaw is a preferred a family pet partly due to its striking appearance and also capacity as a speaking bird. It is ...

The Lil Angels in Home – Pet Parrots by Zeetz Jones

As you wander through the tropical atmosphere finding all of the orchid treasures, be sure to stop and say 'Hello' to Malibu, the new Sulphur-crested ...

The Presley-imitating parrot looks towards its friend, but it doesn't want

Its all-natural habitats are tropical damp lowland woodlands and tropical mangrove forests. It is the most frequently kept lory in captivity.



Lumberjack Bird Swing for Severe Macaw Parrots


African Grey Parrot from the youtube video "Larry the parrot dials an imaginary phone number, rambles a little, then starts laughing".

One colony alone, in Esher, Surrey, is said to number 6,000, many


Read about some of the other things that keep us happy here and here

different types of parrots with pictures

Major Mitchell's Cockatoo

We saw them around the opening, but not actually entering it. The same treetrunk had another opening on the other side.

Parakeets in King George Park in Ramsgate

42 I ...

That pair, enjoying (each other's company), quickly flew in the sky, settled on the lap of a mountain, and spoke (to each other) : “On the earth, ...

Its griffin-like splayed crest is intimidating enough, and has the nickname of “monkey-eating eagle,” because it feeds mainly on monkeys and flying lemurs.

Close-up ...

The first issue of the first edition of the 'Authorised Version' of the English

Holy crap!

Back garden in Reigate - picture by Nic Hamilton

Another vivid pet dog parrot from “Land Down Under” is the sweet-looking Crimson Rosella. It is located in eastern and also south eastern Australia as well ...

Within just a few moments of your meeting a hand-reared baby parrot, it should step onto your hand and allow itself to be petted without any attempt at ...

It is worth noting that there is a sexual dimorphic feature on the wings of male King Parrots. The males (only) have a light green stripe on the wing ...

bloedel collage_sm. The Bloedel Conservatory is significant for its ...

Ravens of the Tower of London

Training – Besides providing a source of regular entertainment, teaching your parrot to talk and do tricks strengthens the bond between you and makes ...

cockerel, flowers

A curious male Princess parrot.

types of parrots that talk


In fiction, the idea of parrots implicating criminals is common enough to be a cliché. It's such a convenient plot device that it's been used everywhere ...

Hawk-heads look like normal parrots when their crests are flat, but when they raise their colourful feathers into a colourful mane, they look more ...

In the city centre it is difficult not to stand on pigeons sometimes, as they are so tame, while in Queen's Gardens they will actually sit on your hand if ...

Fly for Food – The Unity of Parrots by Jill's Snap Shots