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Mattel Newborn Baby tender love soft body doll by happykristen

Mattel Newborn Baby tender love soft body doll by happykristen


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Mattel Newborn Baby tender love soft body doll by happykristen

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1970s Happy Birthday Tender Love Doll by Mattel ... in by cammoo I knew I'd find it!!! My dad bought this for me for my birthday!

Vintage Happy Birthday Tender Love Doll by Mattel. I had this doll. I loved here. We use to blow out the candle. It is amazing how much you can love a doll.

US $9.99 Used in Dolls & Bears, Dolls, By Brand, Company, Character

Vintage Mattel 1972 Newborn Tender Love Drinks and Wets

Mattel Bless You! Baby Tender Love doll and box

Baby Tender Love

Mattel Baby Tender Love My favorite baby doll! Loved her.

1962 Mattel tearful cheerful and tiny tearful cheerful. Still have this doll .

aww, my sweet baby Cheerful Tearful Tenderlove doll. i loved this doll!

Lazy Daisy Doll - The last doll I received before I found out there was no Santa. I was in 4th grade. Back then, it was easier to stay innocent for a ...

1975 Baby Brother Tender Love by Mattel

Mattel Baby Tender Love Doll. Originally marketed in the '60s & '70s but had a comeback in the late '80s which is when I got mine.

1970s Mattel Baby Tender Love Doll w Original Shoes Dress Clothes Wonderful | eBay

Newborn Baby Tenderlove Twins | Yep, I got me some dollies. … | Flickr

1975 Mattel BABY BROTHER Tender Love DOLL 13" Tall Anatomically Correct! NEW

LOL Anyone ever have a Drowsy Doll? I remember mine fondly! Here pictured is one circa late the other is mid/late (This ...

Newborn Baby Tender Love Paper Doll Book Uncut 1973 Vintage Mattel Doll | eBay

Girls-Toys-Dolls: Bless You Baby Tender Love Doll from 1975 Girls Toy | Dolls | Pinterest | Girl toys, Dolls and Childhood

Baby That-A-Way from 1974 by Mattel.. I loved this toy

1972 Mattel Newborn Baby Tender Love ... Excellent and Complete with All Original Accessories ... Diaper, Bottle, Blanket, ID Bracelet

I had the sunshine family dolls from the ! My middle sister was a baby then and kept stealing the baby . she would put it in her mouth and crawl away ...

VINTAGE 1978 Baby Magic Tender Love Doll HTF

My sister had one just like this in yellow. My mother said the zippered compartment in her furry hoopskirt was to keep your pajamas.

2007 Mattel 14" Plush & Vinyl Brown Hair Brown Eyed Baby Doll #Dolls

Bless You Baby Tender Love Doll from 1975 Girls Toy, this is the doll I got instead of Baby Alive, and I'm glad because this one was so much better…


Mattel Love and Touch baby doll. She was one of my favorites.


1960s Buffy Doll with "Mrs. Beasley" Doll

1969 Tiny Chatty Baby Pull String Talking Doll in Box Mattel Toy (never seen this

Dolls · Spingi spingi. Mattel / Ratti (1971)

Vintage 1969 Remco Tumbling Tomboy and Her Go Cart Doll with Box |

g.m.f.g.i. doll - Google Search

Mattel's Baby Go Bye Bye In Her Bumpety Buggy Used with Box and 2 Extra Outfits #DollswithClothingAccessories

Baby Teenietalk Mattel 1965 Vintage

Vintage 1976 Baby Come Back Doll With Original Box By Mattel

Newborn Baby Tender Love... we pinned her yellow blanket around her shoulders like a cape and she bacame Super Baby Tender Love.

JC Toys La Newborn White Star 15 All Vinyl Anatomically Correct Real Boy Newborn Baby Doll

Vintage 1978 G.M.F.G.I. Kenner Baby Wet & Care Doll in | eBay

My Child Doll +++

Vintage Horsman LIFE-SIZE SOFTEE doll sleepy eyes cries - Mine was very similar to this one. She was a good snuggle bum to sleep with.

1970's Mattel Baby Beans Doll

Vintage 1968 Mattel Liddle Kiddles 'N Kars Rosemary Roadster # 3642 MOC NRFP

Vintage Ideal Toy Corp. 1967 Tubsy Doll, Big Happy Smile, Tooth, Sweetie

Drowsy Doll - Kristi looooved this (it's the ONLY doll she ever loved!)

real baby doll judith turner - Google Search


Baby Tender Love from 1971

Vintage Mattel Dolls | Vintage Mattel Talking Baby Secrets Doll Works from .

Vintage 1967 Mattel Talking Buffy Doll and Mrs.Beasley. I got this from my

This is a Baby Cheryl doll. Yes, I had one. Actually still have it!!

Used Berenguer 13” doll light skin grey eyes cute boy #Berenguer #Dolls

Baby Beans Doll || Childhood Memory Keeper: Retro Pop Culture from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s

Find this Pin and more on Mattel Talkers by Stephen Guckian.

[Bless+You+Baby+Tender+Love+Doll.jpg] | Being a kid in the 70s! | Pinterest | Childhood and 80 s

BERENGUER 11" Seated Smiling Doll - Rooted Brown Hair/Brown Eyes, Moveable Arms

Baby Dolls From the 1970s | 1975 Mattel Hush Lil Baby


Berenguer 14" Carla Brown Hair Vinyl w/ Soft Body Moveable Eyes Girl Doll #

g.m.f.g.i. doll - Google Search | Baby Wet & Care Doll | Pinterest | Dolls

Tiny Chatty Baby 1962 Mattel original outfit working eyes not talking

1971 Mattel Baby Tender Love Talking & Living dolls & little girl photo print ad

10 inch Lots to Love Baby Berenguer Doll African-American | Dolls, Babies and Baby dolls

1968 Mattel Buffy and Mrs. Beasley

baby tender love - boy I was very excited to have a boy baby doll!

1950's Horsman 13" Peggy Petite doll In Box With Clothing

El Greco dolls <3 and different tiny <3 dolls

Take a look at this JC Toys Lily Doll by What a Doll Collection on #

JC Toys Emma Doll

Gifts from Paulette ,vintage Mattel dolls. Victoria's dolls

8-Lots-To-Love-Berenguer-Doll-2-Bottom-Teeth | Berenguers | Pinterest | Branding companies and Dolls

Eyelet Skirt, Gerber Baby, Vintage Dolls, Gingham, Baby Dolls, Bibs, Vinyls, Smoking, Cloths

Vintage 1953 Ideal Toy Corp Soft Rubber 20" Baby Doll - Cloth Body Open Mouth

1976 Mattel Rosebud Doll Brown hair

The Southern Belle doll, created by Mattel in celebration of the bicentennial.

8-Lots-To-Love-Berenguer-Doll-2-Bottom-Teeth | Berenguers | Pinterest | Branding companies and Dolls

Berenguer La Newborn 15" Real Girl anatomically correct made in Spain open mouth

vintage 1970s Happy Birthday Tender Love Baby Doll by Mattel ... in her original box - vintage toy | Happy birthday, Dolls and Birthdays

1972 baby tender love

SALE Vintage Baby Dreams Doll Ideal 1970s by BloomdarVintage, $10.00

Berenguer Nonis 15" Soft Body Blue Striped Vinyl Baby Boy JC Toys Doll # 30024

Baby Come Back Mattel Walking Doll 1976 Blonde Hair Original Clothes Baby Come Back Doll 1976

Clothes for the new doll from Berenguer, Lil Cutesies All Grown Up doll. These

Ideal 1978 SNUGGLES Doll Pink w/Blanket NOS Vintage NRFB via Etsy

Reborn Prototype Baby Doll Toddler Cammi by Ping Lau ConnyBurkeDolls IIORA | eBay

Ideal Crissy Family of Dolls

Vintage Horsman Bye-Lo Baby Doll 5521 Never Removed from Box

JC Toys 'Lots to Cuddle Babies' Pink Soft Body Baby Doll and Accessories Designed by Berenguer – The Toy Shop

Vintage 1975 Mattel Baby BROTHER TENDER LOVE Anatomically Correct Doll - w Box by TimesGoneByFinds on

Vintage 1970 Mattel BABY BEANS & ITSY BITSY Bean Pink Doll Dolls Lot of 2 EUC

My new doll, Marie. One of the dionne quintuplets.

Vintage 1962 Mattel TINY CHATTY BROTHER 15" Doll - Open Shut Blue Eyes -Brown

This is a Baby Cheryl doll. Yep, I had one. Still have it, actually.

SOLD-OUT-AND-DISCONTINUED-8-5-Inch-BeReNgUeR-Lil-CuTeSiE-DaYcArE-BaBy | Berenguers | Pinterest | Branding companies, Bear doll and Baby dolls

9.+Minene+vestido.JPG (480×640)

THUMBELINA DOLL 19" 1960s ORIGINAL There was a knob on her back that you could wind up, and her head would move.

8-Lots-To-Love-Berenguer-Doll-2-Bottom-Teeth | Berenguers | Pinterest | Branding companies and Dolls