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More Clinton BS American patriot t Politics Liberal logic

More Clinton BS American patriot t Politics Liberal logic


More Clinton BS!

And after three losses in two months wants to try again in 2020. Some liberals


rightsmarts: “She needs to go to jail to false statements. ” If she was so damn violated, why didn't she “out” him during the election ?

Why isn't he in jail? Think about · We The PeopleLiberal LogicTruth Hurts Clinton N'jieCartoon MemesBirdPoliticsAmericanUsa

Just what we need,another MORON in the white house !


IRS going after people for their political beliefs is BS!

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Rev Jessie Jackson and his buddy Trump.

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This is the most honest statement by Hillay Clinton - this is who she always has been! Harry Reid has never been anybody, anyway!


Corrupt Hillary (and prominent Clinton researcher found dead - AFP American Free Press' Victor Thorn on

But we all saw who the actual deplorable was, lol. Find this Pin and more on liberal BS logic ...

You don't get rich by being a civil servant to the people but some how the Clinton's did. Hillary stands for everything theLiberals are against, ...

The REAL Hillary Clinton, this is who she is!

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Chelsea Clinton is married to Soros nephew

They can't take defeat gracefully.. Guess they got trophies for everything! Liberal CrybabiesLiberal LogicAmericanHypocrite ...

Liberal Logic 101. Political ...

He IS Your President!Laughing at Libs!

Fuck the thieving CLINTONS. they are no better than the Obami family and now that the granny is going yo be living off of us Hard working Americans.to the ...

Just more political spin.

Oops, there goes that damnable logic blowing up liberal talking points.

Hillary Clinton. See more. Donald J Trump for President! VOTE TRUMP to get rid of the political corruption in

liberal-logic-101-297 | Graphics | Pinterest | Liberal logic, Politics and Truths

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Not Happy With Politics Or Government

The Complete Hypocrisy of the Liberal Mentality GnG

Guess what you Americans pay our Libtard Tony Bliar for his speeches there.

The same FBI that refuses to press charges on Hillary Clinton interviewed this guy twice and. Found nothing wrong and killed this guy for being a ...

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Why hasn't she been drug before a grand jury, to answer and pay

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Stolen American Taxes at best.

Liberal logic.

The American Patriot Page

24 Unknown Facts about Hillary Clinton Vert de furk? How can anyone take these creatures seriously? Find this Pin and more on Liberal Logic ...

Liberal logic

....even more liberal BS, are you getting the picture yet,

This Russia B.S. Is just another distraction, keeping the crooks to business as usual. Why aren't we investigating the Clinton's, and Obozo, now th…

What's even funnier is, people are worried about Trump but don't really seem to care that "Obama deported million" Mexicans. Their worried about Trump ...

Generous Clintons are generous

Humor for American patriots - funny photos for conservatives

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Same sort of rhetoric we had in Britain, government will spread the "Fear Factor" to put people off voting for change. We voted for change so should you!

An American Conservative & Patriot

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The unbelievable hypocrisy of the left. The party of throwing bottles at police, burning cars, looting liquor stores, denying service to and assaulting ...

Soros, The Obama/Clinton puppet master.did you expect anything less?

Hillary, Bernie & this guy = the 3 Stooges Get This T-Shirt FREE From Gun Carrier in association with. Fight for your Second Amendment rights with our ...

This year has proven that it's the CLINTON way or no way! Why in God's name do people fall for her BS?


Killary Rotten Clinton For Prison!!! MAGA!! WINNING!!

Best laugh I've had all day: Elizabeth Warren = Fauxcahontas Apparently fake Native Americans don't sit too well with law students.well, most of them.

Emails alone should make America turn their back on Hillary but the media doesn't. Political ...

24 Unknown Facts about Hillary Clinton Vert de furk? How can anyone take these creatures seriously?

Incessant liar, Hillary Clinton. /// Viral meme, tags: Hillary,

Find this Pin and more on AMERICAN TRUTHS and Liberal logic BS by sgtmajtdo.

Explore Truth News, Liberal Logic, and more!

Hillary Clinton fact vs fiction

A convicted traitor running for the senate on the democrat party. So wrong. | Political BS | Pinterest | Politics, Common sense and Liberal logic

Donald Trump didn't win the popular vote. So it isn't we the people. It's the electoral college. And stop using Sam Elliot in your Memes.

Normal and abnormal behavior essay Abnormal Behavior essaysAbnormal behavior- This type of behavior can be described as unusual, nonadaptive, ...

No loss

All in the family......OH MAN YOU NAILED IT.

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CNN Accidently Explains How They're Fake News – Patriotic Viral News. Liberal HypocrisyLiberal LogicPoliticsCnn ...

The ENTIRE US is full of BROKEN LEAD PIPES. In my county in MO a. Liberal LogicLiberal HypocrisySocialismPoliticiansBlameNews ...

L'immagine può contenere: 1 persona, con sorriso, meme e sMS

Killary belongs in prison.

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and that half who don't work are just bright enough to sign their name on the back of that government check each month.

Obama's Third Term: What You Need to Know About Hillary Clinton's e-mails. Find this Pin and more on Patriots, Politics ...

19 DEAD People Registered To Vote In Virginia for Democratic Party (Hillary Clinton) -- Lone Act or Sign of Greater Conspiracy?

Playing politics, Republicans cut security funds, vote them OUT!

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The Clintons: Just Like You (except filthy rich, corrupt and totally clueless)

Political memes · Liberal LogicLiberal ...

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Obama needs to speak out against all this rioting and protesting and urge people to work. Conservative PoliticsThe AmericansDonald ...


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Psychopath Hillary is saddened over a delinquent criminal gangbanger but 4 American patriots don't make a difference?

Aww, wee little Americans, do enemy combatants exist simultaneous with your freedom? History will answer that question for you, speed runners.

Wake up, America!

--well that's only because Atty Gen Jeff Sessions is a gutless wimp who WON

Liberal logic

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I'm so over Liberal bitches. My Christian empathy for the enemies of America has reached its limit.

Truth. Obama ClintonLiberal LogicPolitical ...

Of course, the fact that this dipshit is suggesting a pardon might be viewed as evidence that he knows Clinton is guilty of something.

And we think those 51 % are racist. No, congress is white and filthy

Who doesn't pay as little as possible? Most of us. Who gets

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