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Mr Magoo Pencil Sketches UPA Animated Extras t Mr

Mr Magoo Pencil Sketches UPA Animated Extras t Mr


Mr Magoo Pencil Sketches: UPA

Still from Sesame Street's first animated feature ,"The Story of ...

Tex Avery storyboard for Deputy Droopy. (1955) - Amid Amidi Twitter post

texavery_modelsheets_007.jpg 1,045×655 pixels

I was as much taken by the list of artists who worked on the show as the show, itself. They were more WB & Disney people unlike the Hanna Barbera shows ...


Run, don't walk, over to the ASIFA Hollywood Animation Archive, where they have a complete Jim Tyer storyboard for an unproduced Terrytoon called Blood is ...

Ed Benedict Layout of a Flintstone House Design from The Flintstones

Spumco Simpsons

texavery_modelsheets_009.jpg 1,046×644 pixels

3. See the film here.

This model and the other Magoo pieces here are from the short “People to People” which features a gorilla.

______(Click any image to enlarge.)

Funky Turns 40: Black Character Revolution Covered In Fast Company Design

The following three drawings are key animation poses of the Gorilla.

Here are two bear drawings from some commercial. It looks like Dick Williams' Cresta Bear (only this was done years before that.)

Magoo Makes News

The following three drawings are key animation poses of the Gorilla.

This story is very carefully set-up. Like Tex Avery, Jones spends a couple minutes preparing you for what the cartoon is going to be about.

By the time we arrive at the loopy Dr. Seuss adaptation Gerald McBoing Boing and the wild musical fable Rooty Toot Toot (both 1951), the signature UPA style ...

Billy Jo Jive & sister

Berry Gordy and The Jackson 5ive Cartoon

Of course, Terry had the last laugh in a way, as his new company became successful throughout many productive years, while Van Beuren would fade away from ...


Ralph Bakshi is one of animation's greatest unsung heroes.

Mister Magoo's Christmas Carol is a lovely, charming and, yes, old fashioned take on Charles Dickens' beloved classic of redemption.


UPA of the Past

Only the quaint, now old-fashioned looking "rocket age" animation circa 1962 dates this incredible AVC encoded 1080p transfer of Mister Magoo's Christmas ...

Here's my tweaking of the agency art design. This is a cel color model against a line version of the bg.

Stuey sketches

I've heard critics and historians poo-poo the "Preston Blair" constructed drawing approach of 40s cartoons, but without it you wouldn't be able to make such ...

John Canemaker has been making animated movies for ever. I know because we both started at about the same time. Somewhere in the late Seventies we exchanged ...

ackson 5 Animated Series to Receive DVD, Blu-ray January 2013. Please visit

They don't just stick out evenly in all directions.

The Holy Grail of Animation

Don't be fooled by all the lumps and wrinkles in Nasty's design. They are all small and tightly wrapped around his line of action and his major forms.


Personally, you can have your Toot Whistle Plunk and Booms and your Pigs is Pigs and Gerald McBoing Boings. This cartoon has tons of style and cleverness, ...

The three discs in UPA: The Jolly Frolics Collection contain the following cartoons from UPA's 1948-59 peak:


Stuart Little

Before moving on to color, though, Gillett's first project was Toddle Tales, a short-lived series of three shorts that had animated stories with morals, ...

Classic Media has a done a very nice job with this package, enclosing it in a slipcase which comes with a relatively lavish illustrated booklet printed on ...

Here are some fabulous Dell Comic book covers featuring Mr.Magoo and another UPA star, the sound-effects uttering Gerald McBoing Boing.

Rip Off

Sex is the selling point for Circus Capers, in which a sexed-up Minnie clone flirts with a dastardly ringmaster, and there's some smart invention on show in ...

You may well have heard about this short, and this is your chance to see it; if such a thing was attempted now (imagine the penguins of Happy Feet being ...

... a blind old coot named Mr. Magoo (this is the only Magoo cartoon on the set, since a comprehensive UPA Magoo box is scheduled for release by Shout!

Mr. Magoo was whipped up late last night into this morning. And it's my

Mr Magoo's Christmas Carol ...

A final four shorts finish things up, with Joie de Vivre (1934) perhaps the oddest in this selection. I've seen it before, and though it is slightly risqué ...

Disc Three

The Strangest Cartoons Ever Made: Volume 1. Single disc, 95 mins plus supplements, 1.33:1, Mono, Not Rated, All Regions, ...

... have a hint of what to expect here, and if you thought some of the Van Beuren shorts described so far sounded off the wall, you ain't seen nothin' yet!

Twenty years on once more, into the mid-1960s, the Walt Disney Studios wasn' t floundering by any means, but the animation department's costs were spiraling ...

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Blur Frames

That cartoon and Jungle Jazz are presented in their entirety on he first Tom And Jerry disc under the menu description Waffles And Don Bonus Cartoons, ...

Horse Sketch

Primetime Time Animation: Television Animation and American Culture | Walt Disney | Animation

They did have their moments, though. The two DVDs in Thunderbean's compilation plays their shorts in chronological order, which means that one of their best ...

that I am on a major blur frames kick and how geeky I am, but I don't care...look at these blur frames!!!! Holy Schmoooolllyyy!

Vincent ...

Family Dog

This story is very carefully set-up. Like Tex Avery, Jones spends a couple minutes preparing you for what the cartoon is going to be about.

Disc Two

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Sport Goofy in Soccermania - VHS Cover Art

... “Colour by Technicolor” note in the title card), but is well worth the inclusion; a 1948 effort from Britain that literally just doesn't make any sense!

Disc Two

... faces were animated, either created especially to sell a particular brand (allowing the owner to retain copyright in print ads and even on the product ...

Feeling Good (2010, Pierre Etaix)

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Similar ...

but I guess what I am saying here is... In all art forms, when you add meaning to the art... You get emotion. So, to bring this back to animation,


Here's one I don't care all that much for, but figured I'd include because it's such a bizarre deviation: McCarthy's rendition of Casey Jones.

Party Last Night

... and so they had to ...

Rocky the Flying Squirrel - Image: Rocky the flying squirrel

Mr. Peabody & Sherman - Image: Mr Peabody & Sherman Poster

scruffdon mr scruff

Someone needs to bury the hatchet really soon.

... qualified members ...

Excuse me, I have something in my eye.

My family didn't have a color tv, what a treat to see it the first time in color.

Cute enough, but I don't know about oscar-winning. It beat a not-too-great Tex Avery, two from UPA and one from Canada, the same year McLaren's Neighbours ...


If you don't own the four films in this big Coen Bros box set then this is a great deal. Included is Raising Arizona, Blood Simple, Miller's Crossing and ...