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Pin by Awi Guad on Oreo39s t

Pin by Awi Guad on Oreo39s t


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AWI British: Grenadier Private, 64th Foot, (artist unknown). Help eliminate

American Revolution: A Highlander of the 42nd Regiment of Foot (Royal Highland Regiment , Black Watch), Grenadier Co… | AWI - Cr…

AWI- Hessian: Musketeer, Hessian Regiment Von Bose, Yorktown by Don…

AWI British: British soldiers at the battle of Guilford Courthouse, 15 March 1781 Source article in Military Modeling

AWI British: Grenadier, 5th Foot, (artist unknown). Help eliminate poor

Can't remember where I found this pic but it just struck me as a

AWI- Hessian: Musketeer, Brunswick Infantry Regiment Prinz Friedrich 1776, by R. J. Marrion

my military history research interests: Revolutionary Rangers, Riflemen and Light Infantry

AWI- Britain: British Army in North America, by Gerald A.

Here's a AWI Hessian Jaeger based on, I believe, a Peter Copeland drawing. This is my second version of a Jaeger from the Revolution.

My AWI Troops: 2nd Partisan Corps

AWI- Britain: British Marines, Battalion Company, Corporal. 5th Regiment of Foot

AWI- Hessian: Hessian Jaeger, by Don Troiani. (www.dontroiani.com)

Regiment of Foot, Grenadier 1777 AWI

Find this Pin and more on AWI - German Forces by Dan Larke.

British, 13th Light Dragoons Officer 1792.

The Battle of Cowpens (January 17, 1781) was a decisive victory by the Continental Army forces under Brigadier General Daniel Morgan in the Southern ...

Left to Right: Grenadier, Fusilier and Musketeer

AWI- Hessian: Brunswick Troops in the American Revolution, by Fred and Liliane Funcken

TRW44 - King's American Regiment, Loyalist Private 1777

AWI British: Infantry

The Old Guard (French Vieille Garde) were the elite veteran elements of the Emperor Napoleon's Imperial Guard. As such it was the most prestigious …

Continental Army Officer, 1778. (www.dontroiani.com)

If you know the artist and can supply a link, please update this pin.

AWI British: Untitled sketch of a British soldier by Paul Sandby (date unknown) in the Royal Collection Trust

AWI- America: Private of the 9th Massachusetts Regiment 1782, by Don Troiani.

AWI: Spanish; Galvez' Army Sapper of either Infantry Regt. toledo 16th or

French Grenadier of the Regiment Soissonnais -1781

AWI- Hessian: Grenadier, Brunswick Infantry Regiment v. Rhetz 1776, by R. J.

Russian infantry, 1812, (artist unknown). Help eliminate poor pinning! If

SOLDIERS- Troiani: AWI- Britain: Loyalist Queen's Rangers,( 1st American Regiment

Painting Perry Miniatures Revolutionary War AWI Continental Americans | Vid.lt

AWI British: Subjects Of The Crown, by Henry Kidd. Britian's final show of strength in Williamsburg, Virginia.

AWI Americans: For Constitutional Liberty, by Henry Kidd. Battle at Monmouth, NJ

Suren AWI Conversions

AWI- America: Battle of Monmouth, by Graham Turner. One of Washington's few battlefield victories.

Private of Light Infantry, 10th Regiment of Foot, 1775.

British Legion Dragoon, 1780

Focus: Rebellion!

French grenadier throwing a grenade, Seven Years War, by (artist unknown).

2nd Continental Light Dragoons Legion in 1782.

FRANCE - Infantry L to R Captain Light Infantry, Sergeant Major Demi Brigade & Corporal Grenadiers of the Consular Guard.

Regiment Prince Carl (Hessian).

SOLDIERS- Troiani: AWI- Hessian: Brunswick Dragoon Regiment (Prinz Ernst Ludwig)

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On Pinterest @ kitkatlovekesha ♡ ♡ Pin: Celebrities ~ Rihanna 2013 Photoshoot for Elle

AWI- Hessian: Revolutionary War: A Fusilier of the Hesse Cassel Regiment Erb Prinz, New York ,

AWI British

AWI: General George Washington, (artist unknown).

Standing Rules of Rogers' Rangers If we take prisoners, we keep 'em separate till we have had time to examine them, so they can't cook up a story between ' ...

AWI British: Royal Artillery Bombardier, Saratoga campaign, by Don Troiani. (www.dontroiani.com)

Warlord Games Napoleonic British Line Infantry painted by Francescu Thau. 28mm multi-pose plastic

Just Happy To Be Here Baby You Know.

AWI British: The 42nd Foot in the Sutfin Orchard, (artist unknown).

barbara palvin

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Showcase: Black Powder American War of Independence British army

Monty's Caravan: Long time... No see... Back to business and AWI.

The Battle of Kettle Creek

"National Guards, 1789-91" • Marquis de Lafayette • Standard-bearer, Paris National Guard • Grenadier, officer Paris Guard • Fusilier, Paris National Guard. "

Find this Pin and more on Северная война1700-1721(Шведская армия)...The Great Northern war 1700-1721(Swedish army)... by Перетятько Сергей.


Peter Pig: AWI, WWII, WWI, SCW

Infanterie Française: Rég.t de Colonel-Général;

Scottish Guard of King Louis XI of France

Russian Life Guard Grenadiers during the Seven Years War

If you know the artist and can supply a link, please update this pin.

2nd. Rhode Island Regt. at the 1777 Battle of Springfield. by Don Troiani

Spanish; Distinguished Company of Carabiners Militia of New Orleans 1779

French; Imperial Guard, 3rd Regiment of Grenadiers, Head of Column, 1810-

Fuciliere del 5 rgt. fanteria Continentale americana "South Carolina"

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Painting Wargames Figures: AWI 40th Foot

AWI British: British Navy - Plates of British Uniforms during the American Revolutionary War, from John Mollo's "Uniforms of the American Revolution"

AWI- America: 2nd Continental Light Dragoons (Sheldon's), by Pamela Patrick White

Find this Pin and more on FRENCH and INDIAN WAR by Chip DuRant.

SOLDIERS- Troiani: AWI- Britain: British Marines, Private, 1776, by Don Troiani.

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AWI Americans: The Continental Soldier - 1781, by Tom Lovell.

Find this Pin and more on Uniforms , Armour , Swords , Weapons by Albert Butler.

23rd of Foot

Roy Ridgley about to pin the arm of Kentucky's Chuck Rader to win his fifth title in a row.

Favourite cavalry unit of the French Imperial Guard - Page 6 - Armchair General and HistoryNet

52nd Regiment of Foot, Grenadier Company Private 1775

Dragon Rgt North Carolina Rifles

Uniforms of the German mercenaries, AWI.

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Keanu Reeves, best known for #Neo in #Matrix trilogy. Born in Beirut

"Red Coat", also often known as a "lobster back" soldier - Google Search. "

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Front Rank 28mm French Old Guard Grenadiers