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Riot Art Contest Spell 1 WIP 4 YouTube FX Games t

Riot Art Contest Spell 1 WIP 4 YouTube FX Games t


[Riot Art Contest] - Spell 1 | WIP 4

[Riot Art Contest] - Spell 2 | WIP 2 - YouTube

Riot Art Contest 2014 Submission - VFX


Riot Art Contest 2014 | Sirhaian.net

[Riot Art Contest] - Spell 2 | WIP 3 - YouTube

My Riot VFX contest submission

Here's an in-game Mock-Up:

UE4 FX Earth Shatter Totem

[Riot Art Contest] - Spell 2 | WIP 2 - YouTube | Game Fx | Pinterest | Youtube, Animation and 2d

Walk Cycle - Riot Art Contest 2014 - Nathaniel Eeten


Sirhaian VFX Reel - Zheros - Rimlight Studios

I came to Riot Games and received a crash course on Game VFX. Here's a collection of the stuff I had a hand in throughout the year, .

Mordekaiser VFX - Behind the Scenes

I am a 21yo belgian student studying video games. I recently found myself a new hobby: playing with particles. So, I decided to join the contest !

Steve Kimock & Friends To Headline 'Art & Soul: A Concert To Benefit Dave Hunter'

Darius_Splash_0 (1)

... Retro Gaming Fire Stick (1700+ games) w/ Kodi 17.6 Ultra HD Jailbroken ...


How YouTube Reinvented Itself for the Next Billion Users

... Leona' fan art ...

*READ THIS*: Both the FIRST and SECOND patch of March 10th included texture/model changes for PUG'MAW - there are obvious changes vs the [old] iteration but ...

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Tiny Rengar 3 Tiny Rengar 4

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[Riot Art Contest] - Jati Darmawan - Page 3 - Polycount Forum

We won't be immediately turning this mode on for PBE, but it will be coming soon. As you guys can see, there's A LOT we need to get through for testing, ...

They thought the term “Deadeye” resonated very well with this new champion. They started looking at the idea that “ever shot counts” as it does with a ...

Atari 2600



Creative Recruitment Strategies

Prepare for Ground Assault!

SNES games were incredibly affordable back in 2006. I really lucked out in terms of timing. The SNES scene didn't explode until 2010 or so.

Today's patch includes visual effects changes for several of Galio's skins! We have new VFX sets for Enchanted and Hextech as well as unique R decals for ...

Multiple panels from page 1 and 2 of Watchmen chapter 4. First panel: A

Village of Chipman Strategic Planning


The Shoutbox Thread | Page 6 | GBAtemp.net - The Independent Video Game Community

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Deadtime Stories (1986) Blu-ray Review

YouTube is now the most popular social network among teens, according to a report.

1. New Shoes 2. The Honeybear 3. Something In The Stars 4. I Got A Notion 5. Spelling Bee


19 - 'Dreams to Remember: The Legacy of Otis Redding' DVD to be Released September 18 - (Modern Guitars Magazine) from moon j.

Katy is the best place to retire in Texas, according to new study

However, you might not have noticed that you can use them while watching videos on YouTube. Simply say “Ok, Google” and you can send ...


[FIX] Coruscant Underworld

There Goes the Neighborhood: Racial Segregation in Richard Matheson's I Am Legend (and the films it spawned) | Michelle R. Lane, Writer

If you'd like to check out all the entries, you can do so here:


Chris Cilizza, in yesterday's Washington Post used the Post's fact-checking department to see how Donald J. Trump has done in his first 33 days in office ...

DuckTales: Woo-oo! (2017): 30 years later, Disney XD revives one of the original Disney Afternoon's cherished properties with DuckTales.

UN TWEET EXPOSES THE AGENDA TO GRAFT THE WORLD INTO THE 2016 ELECTIONS By Nate - September 30, 2016 [...] This tweet reads “8 Million US Citizens Abroad ...

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An image grab taken from footage uploaded on YouTube shows Syrian anti-government protesters holding

If you'd like to check out all the entries, you can do so here:

Two panels from Watchmen: Chapter 3, page 18, panel 1, and Chapter

... shore up oil contracts to revenue, understand past conflicts with the Gaddafi administration and its alleged failure share hydrocarbon dollars, ...

As exciting as it is, it came as no surprise to hear about Nintendo's plans to release a SNES Mini Classic Edition in time for the holiday season this year.

This is a must own for your collection, this comes highly recommended from me! It's available everywhere next week or order it direct from Shout Factory to ...

In fact, Business Insider has broken down exactly how much our new President is “working for” us and it looks like this:

The bankers need to explain to the people in which mattress is the missing trillion euros, or whatever the final bill for Europe's financial meltdown ends ...

Asian Boss, a YouTube channel that features person-in-the-street interviews around Asia on different topics, went to Shanghai to ask people about what they ...

Riot Games art contest VFX 1st Place - YouTube

Retro Gaming Fire Stick (1700+ games) w/ Kodi 17.6 Ultra HD Jailbroken

In-game settings can be seen here.

Me and my friend (Alejandro Soto) have always been wanting to create video content but have failed numerous times. But due to our persistence, ...

Twin Fantasy (Mirror To Mirror)

there's an admin who thinks it's his personal place to advertise his youtube channel and is kind of a dick

I'm actually playing in a couple X-wing big games to get ideas for my next project.

I uploaded 4 pics so far, of 2 different floats. And I uploaded the vid of the dragon float! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDNxUDRTXA8

Paul ...


Did you know that.

An emergency Zhonya style shield for your tower that makes it invulnerable for a few seconds, then WRECKS all enemies that were around it in a rain of ...