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SheRa dolls Perfuma I still have mine Fun 8039sStuff t

SheRa dolls Perfuma I still have mine Fun 8039sStuff t


She-Ra dolls Perfuma -- I still have mine!

Perfume Pretty Barbie - I never had my own but I did play with a friend's

I think this was my first Barbie doll. Still have her and the hair twister thing (which btw never really worked that good)

She-ra - Princess of Power Loved my She-ra dolls - thankfully I still have them to pass on to my own daughter :)

Ghost Of The Doll is an ID website dedicated to toys of the and (plus a few thrown in for good measure)! Here you can reminisce whilst browsing through an ...

She-Ra Princess of Power - Perfuma.

The Heart Family Dolls.. remember this?? I still have these dolls.... somewhere, ...said Shelly

1990s Baywatch #Barbie I still have mine. Love that dolphin that makes noises.

LADY LOVELY LOCKS play set! My mom got all of this stuff from a garage sale. I played with it for HOURS!

Tyco "Magic" Baby Dolls - 1990s

Day-to-Night Barbie...UMMM @Beth Boylan, I bet yours still looks just like this!


I still have mine!

I got my Baby Alive doll from Santa when I was young, but my little sister decided to chew on the doll's lip and then the face.

Eatin' Fun Kelly doll with high chair. Sister of Barbie. I loved this her head moved from side to side when you fed her with the spoon!

I have loved talking with people from all over about She-Ra. I also am super thrilled to have a She-Ra item that was originally sold in Mexico.

I know I've shown this before but I feel like it needs to be repeated. This is a Barbie doll styled by me to be Glimmer. I have always hoped that Mattel ...

Princess of Power collection closeup | Frosta Glimmer Angella Perfuma Flutterina She-Ra Swift Wind

Princess of Power FLUTTERINA 1984 1985 vintage she-ra masters of the universe

Barbie - Crystal Barbie- every girl had to have this one! My first barbie!

You're bidding on two new maxie barbie dolls.Slumber party maxie and slumber party ashley are new, still sealed and have never been removed from the box.

I loved She-Ra! I had all of these figures and the castle :)

Entrapta was such an awesome villain and my most favorite doll as a kid because of

Perfume Fun Barbie. Check ourt Ken's shoulder pads!

She-ra Princess of Power, Princess Starla/Guenevere and the Jewel Riders,

This is a pic of Perfuma one of She-ra: princess of power characters. This is an original pic so if you want t. Princess of Power: Perfuma

Vintage She-Ra Princess of Power PERFUMA Doll 1984- 87 Retro 1980's Toy Action

She-Ra dolls! Another one I had a ton of. She-Ra, Catra, Angella, Frosta, Mermista, Peekablue, Perfuma, Flutterina, Entrapta, Double Trouble, Castaspella, ...

She-Ra Princess of Power . Masters of the Universe. ~ 12" OOAK

I remember his cassette was the worst. I used to think that my childhood sucked but now I realize it was pretty rad.

Things From The 90s: Old Dolls|'90s Dolls | '90s Toys | '90s Nostalgia | Gurl.com

1980 Miss Piggy Plush Doll By Fisher Price by Lalecreations on Etsy

Perfuma she-ra - Google Search

Uccellini di plastica pucciosi col loro trespolino a cui pettinare ciuffo e coda. Perché negli

First Barbie I ever had, love her! Sweet Roses PJ-I didn'

Fun Time Jewel Barbie® Doll Totally still have her!

The Fashion Doll Chronicles: She-Ra Princess Adora exclusive SDCC Mattel doll - with a stolen design for her sword

35 Awesome Toys Every Girl Wanted For Christmas (I had most of the toys from this list. What took an entire early childhood to collect, took one night to ...

The Playmates Cricket Talking Doll. It had a tape player in the chest. Her mouth moved. LOL I loved this thing.

Blogs, Dogs, Frogs and books: She ra peg people. I need to

Lady Lovely Locks and the Pixietails! I think I actually still have Birthday Party invites from this theme.

Perfuma ...

I still have the yellow deer (bottom left) and the winged blue mermaid (top left)!

perfume pretty barbie This Barbie has been handed down to Joe. Lost everything but the doll and the dress.

I had both of these and loved them! My Western Barbie could wink though if you pushed a button on her back.


She-Ra poster. I still have this:) I actually illuminated mine.

Who wants to be She-Ra's flying pony?

My daughter got her first one as a consolation prize when she broke her arm. Vintage Strawberry Shortcake dolls: $400 - $600

Every once in a while a toy comes along that takes the world by storm and forces parents into a frenzied holiday hunt to make their child's Christmas wishes ...

Welcome to My Fashion Closet.

It even had a little pump that made bubbles.

Shy Violet! My favorite Rainbow Brite character! I STILL have this doll!

Vintage 1980's Mattel She Ra Princess of Power (MOTU) Figure Doll - Castaspella |

Phone Fun Courtney 90's Barbie

I still have a doll like this

Barbie Career Collection Dr. Barbie 3 babies Special Edition Barbie Doll

Vintage Artmark Bradley Cloth Doll is dressed in a lovely lavender gown with a necklace and has blond hair and blue eyes. I acquired her from a lady who was ...

Astronaut Barbie 1985 - recuerdos_barbie

Dazzle doll. I had several of these. I used to make them bedrooms out

I still have mine! Western Barbie and Ken. My sister is almost a decade older than I am. You know I was playing with all of her old toys!

I still have my red-haired Cabbage Patch Kid. She has green eyes like this one but came with a different dress. :D

1990 Hawaiian Fun Skipper Doll-I will NEVER forget the smell of that stuff in

Princess of Power CATRA 1984 vintage she-ra masters of the universe 99% complete

Barbie Swimming Pool - My dolls had so much fun in this pool!!!

BACK TO THE 80'S - LOVING YOU BARBIE - She was my favorite Barbie

I still have my Strawberry Shortcake doll but the heat/cold of the attic was not kind.her arm broke but she still smells faintly of strawberries.

Vintage 80's She-ra Princess of Power Action Figure Doll Horse Lot. $59.95, via Etsy.

1985 My Little Buddy African American My by PeggysVintageVariety

My Child doll - this is the EXACT outfit mine came with! I called her Chloe Jane (I still have her but not the outfit)

She-Ra doll chart... spent hours looking at this and dreaming!

Vintage Rainbow Brite Doll - 1980s on Etsy, $14.70

I asked Santa for Raggedy Ann but he left a note saying he couldn't

All about Barbie on Pinterest

Items similar to Kimberly Doll in pink dress on Etsy

Hugga Bunch Dolls - One doll I wish I still had:) Love it!

I watch She-ra and He-man almost every night.

Kissing Barbie - I really didn't like Barbies that much but I really loved this one. You put lipstick on her and pushed her back to make her pucker.

i was always jealous of my cousins rainbow bright doll, brings back the memories :)

My grandma used to have this vinyl E.T. doll sitting on the stool of her organ.

California Dreamin' ... those shoes were so hard to put on and take

She-Ra: Princess of Power. I sometimes still shout "She-ra Princess of Power" when I solve a problem at work. My boss, who is younger than me, doesn't get ...

In addition to releasing Totally Hair Barbie (pictured), which wound up being the best-selling Barbie of all-time, they also widened the doll's ...

I loved my Cricket Doll! She was the size and weight of a real toddler and she taught you how to cross the street with songs like "Green means Go and Red ...

35 Awesome Toys Every '80s Girl Wanted For Christmas And I totally had this Jem doll ... and the cassette tape to sing her songs.

My mom HATED my talking She-ra toothbrush.

My all time favorite toy when I would go to the grandparents house in ste gen

Mattel toys action figures for sale to buy MASTERS of the UNIVERSE Classics vs dc universe ADORA (She-ra) 100% COMPLETE with all weapons/accessories ...

She-Ra Crystal Castle. I remember this like it was yesterday.

she-ra | SHERA - Power Princess! I still have my She-Ra

I had one just like this and I cut all of her hair off. I

Princess of Power: Mermista by ~davidgozu on deviantART

The Fashion Doll Chronicles: She-Ra exclusive SDCC Mattel doll - with a stolen design for her sword

I'll have to go to Mom's house and find all our old dolls for decoration

I can't get over this picture. I'm also loving her hair. My vintage Mermista has certainly had some twists and turns with her hair style, but this Mermista ...

I still have one of mine!Sea wees Doll and Friends Rare toys from the Mermaid Toy. Loved these things!

Vintage Sindy Doll Knitting Pattern still have this

Cabbage Patch Dolls - so many childhood memories. :) still have mine

She-Ra Princess of Power Production Art Cel Filmation COA

Another Barbie!