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Totie Fieldsshe was on TV in the afternoon sometimes when I was

Totie Fieldsshe was on TV in the afternoon sometimes when I was


Totie Fields with Mike Douglas

Totie Fields--she was on TV in the afternoon sometimes when I was a


Totie Fields

Totie Fields--she was on TV in the afternoon sometimes when I was a new bride. She had me in tears, laughing at her takes on life. "You wash the …

A Man and A Mouse: Totie Fields: A Blography

Totie Fields Comedian. I loved her!! She was so funny. Was on the Johnny Carson show often.

News Photo : SHOW - Victor Buono, Totie Fields

To break Lester out of his catatonic state, Poopsie sings 'their' song, “You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You.” This was a song Totie Fields was known for ...

Totie Fields (Mrs. Poopsie Butkus, the Milkman's Wife) was born Sophie Feldman in 1927 (some sources cite 1930). 'Totie' was a childhood nickname derived ...

Totie Fields

The Mike Douglas Show — Co-host Totie Fields for the week of Jan.

Totie Fields was considered a female Don Rickles. As such she hurls some of her trademark barbs at Lucy:

"I Got a New Rock Group For You Totie!" Remembering How Comidienne Totie Fields Took Down Kiss' Gene Simmons on National TV With 5 Words!

This is the first episode aired in season 5 where Lucille Ball is on her feet after her skiing accident and breaking her leg. She does, however, still have ...


Totie was back and the audience was immediately at ease; if Totie could still laugh at herself, then it was all right to laugh with her.

Lucille Ball had this episode especially written to suit the talents of Totie Fields, whom she greatly admired.

That opening, though - it didn't belong, wasn't part of the “real” show, but was tacked on by the network (and he always hated ...

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In April 1976, Totie's left leg was amputated above the knee when surgery to remove a blood clot failed. Even with that traumatic experience, Totie fitted ...


Arthur Treacher

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This appearance (as Mrs. Poopsie Butkus, the milkman's wife) was just one of handful of 'acting' jobs. Fields also sang her signature tune, “You're Nobody ...

Francine York Interview

Billy Ingram

Greg's in Greece and I'm in England, so it was a mini international cook-along! I've never made muffins before (to Brits these are muffins, no need for the ...

Anne Meara

She'd ask, 'What should I do with so and so?' She was very nice. It was a nice combination of friends. “Las Vegas was different then.

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TV Blog - Carol Burnett Show

This week in TV Guide: April 9, 1960

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He has become so famous for his often complicated and elaborate affairs with women that his name is now synonymous with 'womanizer.'

Camp Runamuck TV show

TV blof - cable TV 1973

... Bailey's Phyllis Diller does insult Lucy's hair (“Did you cut yourself?”) much in the same way recent guest-star Totie Fields did in “Lucy, ...


... but perched above the studio, it's clear that Lorne Michaels was at the center of the cyclone that was the early days of 'Saturday Night Live.'

Anne Meara Resource | Learn About, Share and Discuss Anne Meara At Popflock.com

Hey Kids, Let's Put on a Japanese Whisky Tasting in the Barn! – It's just the booze dancing…

10 Saturday Afternoon TV Football 11 Non Sequitur 4 12 Two Face West 13 Salute To Shoddy Showmanship Awards


Rest in peace: Melissa Rivers released a statement this afternoon announcing the passing of her

"Maharaja" routine from their 1963 appearance

Would I do it again? Well I didn't and in my next post, I'm going to tell you why. Something more than a thunderstorm stood in my way.

Vladimir Zworykin's Last Interview

1960s and emergence as director[edit]

... you had to be Phyllis Diller, Totie Fields or Anne Meara. I don't know what it was. I'm sure pretty women could be funny but you just didn't see it .

This was just the third of the 'stand-alone' roasts. Lucille Ball sat on the dais to roast her good friend Danny Thomas in December 1976 and for Jimmy ...


The Merv Griffin Show



Jerry Lewis

In 1967, he scored with major musical hits “Gentle on My Mind” and “By the Time I Get to Phoenix.” He was in demand for guest appearances on television ...

... and he believes that that negatively impacted the viewing of Aqua Teen Hunger Force the TV show. That's influenced our decision-making a great deal.'"

Nevada State Journal, Reno, Nevada, August 1, 1969

Skit with Mel Torme, 1969

1965 marked the start of another try at a regular starring role on a TV sitcom for Guy Marks, when he was cast as a second banana to the the star of The ...

Television's Living History

1960s TV shows Where You Could Win Money!

Burnett, Vicki Lawrence, and guest star Dinah Shore in the 1976 Went with the

Carol Burnett. "

I Spy (1965 TV series) - Culp as Kelly Robinson with Jeanette Nolan,

Nancy and Tommy Sands had been scheduled as guests for the December 21, 1963 broadcast of The Jerry Lewis Show. ABC announced the cancellation of the weekly ...

VIDEO: 5 of Joan Rivers greatest TV performances

Long-running (1961 - 1981), syndicated, 90-minute afternoon talk show. Mike Douglas' easy going, homey personality, genuine interest in his guests' careers ...

Totie Fields was born Sophie Feldman in 1927 (some sources cite 1930). ' Totie' was a childhood nickname derived from a baby's pronunciation of 'Sophie'. She ...

Burnett as Eunice with Madeline Kahn in "The Family" sketch

1970 Press Photo Comedian Tom Smothers Television Actor Trial For Marijuana

I Spy (1965 TV series) - Cosby as Alexander Scott


At Classic Film and TV Cafe, Rick has a rundown of TV Westerns from A to Z. It's interesting that, though I've never considered myself a Western "fan" per ...

... all, because, as I learned the other night, I need them. My memories of the earlier shows I saw have eroded and I want to remember how much I enjoyed ...

SanDee "Sam" Lewis and Jerry Lewis are shown on their wedding day in Key

Jerry Lewis is interviewed in his Las Vegas home Friday, Sept. 9, 2016

... a very successful nightclub and concert career that began on his 18th birthday at the Elegante Club, Brooklyn, New York co-starring with Totie Fields.

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It was so great… the pay tables were part of the plastic cabinet masking, and they were faded! I almost expected to turn to my right and see an advertising ...

I ...

... broadcast on a five-day delay), Death Valley Days (syndicated), The Jackie Gleason Show on CBS, Get Smart "Anatomy of a Lover" on NBC (Barbara Feldon, ...

Joan Rivers was a (sometimes off-color) voice for outsiders and women, and a fierce defender of Israel.

Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Television Series Musical or Comedy - Mary Tyler Moore

Roberta Flack's First Time Ever I Saw Your Face is the top song of the year, American Pie by Don McLean is number 3, and it is the song that I like ...

Totie Fields: "Too Jewish"

Gertrude Berg - Berg working on television scripts by hand in pencil in 1950.

This will mark Brosnan's first regular television role since his detective procedural ...

January 29, 2013

Pierino Ronald “Perry” Como (May 18, 1912 – May 12, 2001)

Barbara Jo Allen - Image: Barjoallen

The Exorcist (TV series)