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Wynn Richards Woman with cigarette 1932 Smoke t

Wynn Richards Woman with cigarette 1932 Smoke t



Smoking models learning proper cigarette smoking technique in practice for TV ad. 1953 Photo by Peter Stackpole black and white & smoke & photo shoot ...

Ingrid Bergman Smoking, Screenshot from Lewis Milestone's Film “Arch of Triumph” 1946 photo Peter Stackpole

Magazine article by Dora Albert about photojournalist Wynn Richards; illustrated with two photographs by Richards "

Keira Knightley smoking a cigarette

Woman in Shower, 1932. Photo by Wynn Richards.Obviously boob jobs weren't so apparent as seen here.

Portrait photograph of Wynn Richards.

Das Abenteuer einer schönen Frau, Deutschland 1932: Regie: Hermann Kosterlitz

Man Ray :: Lydia with Mannequins, 1932 / more [+] by this photographer

John Milisenda, undated, Boy smoking a cigarette Add this one to your calendars


Advertising photograph for National Cotton Council shows two fashion models superimposed on an image of a

Labels: 1942, celebrity endorsement, Chesterfields, cigarettes, Joan Bennett, uniform, white, woman smoking

Wigs, from Woman's Day, November 17 1969.

Labels: actor, ashtray, Camels, celebrity endorsement, cigarettes, John Wayne, smoke, T Zone


Are you smoking more now but enjoying it less? CAMEL cigarettes at the Space Cedntre with Roy Woodle

Barbara Hale says smoke Chesterfields, January 1950 at the Stork Club

Her stealing her mother's husband, “I'm glad you know. He never loved you. It's always been me. I've got what I wanted and there's nothing you can do about ...

Labels: 1944, Chesterfield, cigarettes, pin-up endorsement, war bonds, woman smoking

coolkidsofhistory: A Bosnian girl, holding an AK-47 rifle… – Random Stuff, Random Stuff

Labels: 1963, black eye, cigarette held in lips, Santa Claus US, smile fixed, smug smoker, Tareyton cigarettes, tobacco and Christmas


Feature to follow here at The Last Drive In

... Illustration shows woman wearing a gown posed against a wall on which shadows of venetian blinds

Trippy Girl w Cigarette Watercolor Style, Pink, Purple, Turquois

Movie ...

Art & Design

The Visual Primer of Advertising Cliches : Us Tareyton Smokers would rather fight than switch, Tareyton at Christmas December 1963

Daphne (Jane Leeves): Well, I smoked for years, and I never became addicted. To this day I can buy a pack, have a cig or two, toss them in a drawer and ...

Marlene Dietrich smokes Lucky Strike

The Visual Primer of Advertising Cliches : How mild can a Cigarette be, says John Wayne

JOB cigarette paper VINTAGE AD POSTER A. MUCHA FRANCE 1896 24X36

Henry Geldzahler and Unidentified Woman, n.d.. Gelatin silver print. Image: 15.9 x 22.2 cm (6 1/4 x 8 3/4 inches) Gift of The Andy Warhol Foundation for the ...

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Art & Design

I might not wait until The Great Villain Blogathon 2018, and just do a special feature “Robert Mitchum's Alpha Madmen” because he & these two films are just ...

... films produced in Germany. Mania. Die Gechichte einer zigarettenarbeiterin / Mani. The Story of a Cigarette factory Girl was made at Ufa in 1918.

The grand lady would have been 91. I had the wonderful opportunity to see her one woman show with accompanist Billy Goldenberg in her dynamic ”Bea Arthur on ...

Gypsy Girl (Woman Applying Lipstick), 1900s. Pastel on paper 52.1 x 42.9 cm (20 1/2 x 16 7/8 inches) Gift of Carol Scott and Edward Arnold 1986.219

[CARTOON] Stan Goldberg (1932-2014) American comic book artist, best known for his work with Archie Comics and as a Marvel Comics colorist who in the 1960s ...

Noël Coward

Das Blaue Licht, Eine Beglregende aus den Dolmiten (The Blue Light, A Mountain Legend from the Dolomites, 1932) was one of the most well-known titles in the ...

Mabel: Hollywood's First I-Don't-Care Girl (Betty Harper Russell)

Whether in real life or in The Postman Always Rings Twice, if you romance Lana

Red Skelton in 1960


“You old fool, if you hadn't been too cheap to buy a pair of glasses I'd a lost the pleasure of facing ya”


Dora Maar, Barcelona, 1932.

Dr. Lawrence J. Hockstader: She burnt a nun with a cigarette. Dr. Cukrowicz: Yes she did, I was there, I saw it, she was provoked!

“Suddenly, last summer…. he wasn't young anymore. We went to La Cabesa de Lobo and suddenly he switched from evenings, to the beach, I mean from the ...

Queen Victoria (1819–1901)

Library of Wales

Wynn Richards Preparing Yarn for Weaving (National Cotton Council Advertisement)

Mary Kemp

Lucky Strike, 1932

Ann Todd

Check out this rare Columbia portrait, made to promote “Brief Moment,” with this description on the back: “Carole Lombard, caught by the cameraman in a ...


Frederick Giermann

Head of a Female Saint

Peruvian Woman Graphite on paper 17.5 x 12.2 cm (6 7/8 x 4 13/16 inches) Gift of Professor and Mrs. David Kossoff 80.220.24


Mrs William Pratinton

Banner lady for the "New Process Laundry" n.d.. Cabinet card. Private collection. LL/43836

A night club girl comes around selling matches and cigarettes behind Gypsy and Bill and a guy asks her what time she's getting off.


His Lordship (1932) as Mrs Gibbs.

I don't care if Nikolas spends the rest of his life in jail or gets the death penalty. That will not bring back Jaime and it won't stop your kids from being ...

Elizabeth Banks of Bewdley

Mary is a show girl who has established stability in her life after spending some time in a reform school, while Ruth works as a stenographer.

However, and this is crucial, nowhere in the listing is there an indication that Carole Lombard wore these hose. There's no claim of authenticity or ...

Warren Beatty

1926 Lithograph Ludwig Hohlwein Cigar Cigarette Man Smoking Germ. "


The ...