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Biches be like LOL I STILL refer to them as Poetic Justice or

Biches be like LOL I STILL refer to them as Poetic Justice or


biches be like... LOL I STILL refer to them as Poetic Justice (

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Awe look another red head waiting on tomorrow! !! Ok lol

Y'all still don't fool me

bitches be like - Google Search

Exactly so keep talking about me...doesn't matter I know about

Bitches be like. I hate bitches like this.

I like that shit.



Be careful, bitches. Nerds talk back too!

Regina King & Guy Torry in Poetic Justice

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You "bad bitches" going out of style this

I have to know and experience everything I can in this lifetime.


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Tupac Shakur in scene from movie "Poetic Justice"

Lmao · Pirate LifePoetic JusticeFunny ...

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Be the big girl you are. Something to say? Call me. Say it to my face. Quit being a coward by running your oversized mouth...waiting for your latest rant, ...

Edit: Mirror of the original message.

Finally a quote Drake actually said!


Some want us to be sad, angry, and hate ourselves–like them. And who is them? Come on…you know. My sisters are always targeted but ...

i really dont tho.

Been called these things all my life just because I don't "act black" or ghetto. Keep hating bitches!!

Quinn the Eskimo is baffling them with bullshit out there in the Valley.


Guys/Gals you can't tell me her body ain't sick. Look at these curves! Skinny Bitches be quite! LOL

Congrats bitch you won a cheating ass nigga and his side bitch!!

Black Poetic Justice Braids with Color

The Women's March was full of bitter, childless bitches, bitter childless dude complains

On Earth

Shout out to all the bitches who roll their eyes and get annoyed the second they hear my name. Love you - Quote - Cheers Bitches -

... weave

Olenna Tyrell The Queen's Justice

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lose, respect, and say image


I mean think about your first time...was it everything you wanted it to be or was it all rushed and nerve racking...well not for these two and I LOVED this ...

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I'm still pissed off at them over that one. I do NOT have a chocolate problem! We get along just fine.

Miley Cyrus

The Drakeography: The 100 Best Drake Songs

Kinda OC, it's from tumblr, but it was me and some friends begin cheeky.

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So Twig Bitches like you don't do it behind my back. -Fat Amy from Pitch Perfect

Internal goals

Tag them #girls #tamilmemes #friends



I'm always hurting this bitches feeling and I don't even have…

RB❤ we still together!

Why else does he put them through such hell, instead of putting both Frederick and Flambeau out of their misery?

Post ...

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Carter Savage was the quiet broody bouncer (among other things) at the club Hot N' Bothered. He prefers to keep to himself and watch people from afar than ...

scrubs, still one of my favourite TV shows ever.


Men's stories of the too-good-to-be-true, sexy girlfriend who became unhinged are universal, and universally lacking in sympathy for the woman's position.


I will try very hard to give any spoilers (except for #blueballs of course - tag coined by the fantastic D. J. Doyle lol) as I really hate when I see A ...

James and Franz Wright, poets, and miserable sons-of-bitches.

There you have the facts of life, bitches.

100 Thieves pull out of the Major



Lmfao yes we would

Crazy bitches.


Shit on these bitches

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Emma Stone as Wichita in Zombieland

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Sabu, Hector X. Monsegur, and Dan Stuckey pictured at the Vice 25th Anniversary

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It is really true that the typical American tendency to breed delusions out of past frustrations knows no boundaries of gender, age, social or financial ...


One Good Girl Is Worth A Thousand Bitches.

The Malazan Re-read of the Fallen: Gardens of the Moon, Chapters 14 and 15 | Tor.com

Bitches be like.

I always love teaching Bitches Brew, my feminist beer history/beer tasting workshop. Watching queer people get hopped up (get it? hopped up?) on the ...

We need more thinkers. ~ Tupac

Janet Jackson Inspired Poetic Justice Braids: Why wear braids?

What can I say - It is no surprise that I devoured this story. I mean it is Dex and Perry, what is not to love?!?! If you haven't started this series, ...