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From fishermanscovens The Merhorse has returned home to

From fishermanscovens The Merhorse has returned home to


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While pondering the indicated size and shape of the classical Hippocampus and looking for a possible pinniped to match the descriptions, I came to the ...

The hippocampus was a fabled sea animal from Greek mythology. It was found in classical

DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of ...

Bella Sara I merhorse/hippocamp

Ron Jasin - Merhorse

And I had also remarked that the proportions of the Umfuli SS wre also about the normal proportions with the head+ neck and the trunk each being about 15 ...

The word horse comes from Poseidon in greek mythology. He created this animal, a hippocampus, and the word horse came from hippo which is from hippocampus.


... fall of 1966, Joe, a 9 year old boy at the time, woke up to a loud thrashing noise outside of his bedroom window at approximately 1:00am. He went to his ...


The resemblance to that particular dinosaur was especially insisted upon. And the rumours go back into the 1880s, because they are the source for some ...

Note that once again one example is shown with ragged but definitely ray-finned pectoral fins coming out of the body just behind the head,

Marmont Hill Gryphon Painting Print on Canvas 36 x 24 Home Decor Wall Decor Paintings and

Hippocampus by ~Virdilak on deviantART

Heuvelmans' Merhorse can be taken as basically a transcription of the Hippocampus into an attempted Scientific description.

Hippocampus (Greek Mythology)

The Large End of "Merhorse" Reports

An illustration based off of Bernard Heuvelmans' hypothetical "Merhorse" sea-serpent, by Cameron McCormick. The proposed book

There are several versions of the birth of Pegasus and his brother Chrysaor: One is that they sprang from the blood issuing from Medusa's neck as Perseus ...

Sirens Are Mermaids


The Each Uisge, a supernatural water horse found in the Highlands of Scotland. It

Image is loading Stuffed-Animal-Sewing-Pattern-MERHORSE -Mythical-Seahorse-Hippocampus-

going gaga over Greek myths and monsters. Apart from the main characters, one of the creatures that got my attention is the Hippocampus.

The remains of Julia Pastrana, a Mexican who was paraded in fairs and circuses as the "ape woman" in 19th century Europe, have returned home from Norway 153 ...

JESSICA Alba adores it, Nicole Richie says it's worth every penny, Liv Tyler uses it on her spots and Mariah Carey reportedly slathers it on her babies as ...

RETURN TO THE FOREST - On Halloween Night: Where do they return, those ghosts

Mer Horse by Paul A. Dobleman (Add a horn,I'm all in!)

Celebrity Edge: New cruise ship will have 'Magic Carpet,' more innovations

Fisherman's Cove. @fishermanscovens. Home

Dona Fish, or Mami Wata, a water spirit with snake associations. Ovimbundu peoples, Angola. Circa 1950s-1960s.

Seahorse tattoo by Jeanne Saar JeanneSaar blackwork seahorse horse ankle

MerDog - The Coolest Dog In The Sea

The merhorse with gems back on. I forgot to add some additional solder to his mouth, so need to do that little touch-up tomorrow.

The Hippocampus is an aquatic creature that looks like a fish with the head and front feet of a horse.


Hippocampus - rainbow coloured horsefish

Early Merhorse Art by Thomas Finley, and Longnecked Seals in General. "

The Paired-entwined-necks version is not represented exactly that way in the Sahara but it seems to borrow from the design of the cadyseus.

easy to draw greek legend hybrid animals - Google Search

Unicorn mermaid! Might make a cool tattoo

In many early cases, these were sightings of swimming moose making a prominent and characteristic wake.

Photo of East Shore Park - New Haven, CT, United States. Trees in

A mermaid image with the Virgin logo will adorn the

Silver Muse is home to eight dining options, an unusually

He Was In A Jam. Then a Giant Clam.

Gallery Number Nine - Ramona Jan - Merhorse - Creature

Let's be honest, everyone went through a horse phase~ #horse #foal #

The storied building that houses Siggi Ben has been many things during its lifetime. Today, it's a quaint local convenience store that doubles as a bar and ...

Yesterday we headed to the Ecotarium in hopes of getting a glimpse at their new baby otter. Unfortunately, the otters were not cooperating and we never got ...

Of Merhorses and Hippocampus

... footprints with their tails." Poseidon riding Hippocamp | Athenian black-figure vase C6th B.C. | British Museum, London

A Spring and Autumn period bronze vessel with coiled dragon patterns

Shark Science Food Chain Energy Activity

The Sultan of Brunei cars proves he is the world's richest royal according to Forbes, which oddly doesn't list him in the top billionaires of the world, ...

Dragons and Marshmallows

LeMieux Support Boots

Click for larger image. Celestial Navigation Catskill landscape painting with Red Barn by Louis N. “

Zoey and Sassafras Series-Merhorses and Bubbles Book 3 (Gr. 1-3)

Seahorse is the title given to 54 species of marine fishes in the genus Hippocampus. "Hippocampus" comes from the Ancient Greek hippos meaning "horse" and ...

From the Publisher

297 ...

Click to follow. The Independent Culture

Susan Miiller Paintings - Gallery Number Nine

When I ended up in the hospital, I explained to my doctors that I had to go home and get my dogs and board them at the vet.

Susan Miiller Paintings - Gallery Number Nine

Koningsdam Aerial Venice


We have SIX books! This page contains affiliate links for ...

There is currently a move to consider moose that habitually swim for long distances underwater as another population or a distinctly different sort of ...

The Criosphinx The Sphinx is a traditional monster with the body of a lion, and the head of either a human, falcon or ram invented by the Egyptians of the ...

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Sightings of four species of sea monster have been reported at various sites around Iceland. Known as the fjörulalli ( Shore Laddie ), hafmaður ( Sea Man ) ...

Japanese water demons whose bloodthirsty tendencies can be prevented from harming someone if a cucumber with

Gallery image of this property

This build is COMPLETELY viable with NO downfalls at all. You can('t) get endless hexakills with this build, it is(n't) the best build, 10/10

The Cheeky Cod Gallery

#44516 - Used 2003 Kiefer Built Eagle 7308 3 Horse Trailer with 9' Short

In ...

Heraldic Sea-Horse, Hippocampus, Hydrippus, Merhorse.

Here it is with all the tesserae put on. There will be no grout. I painted the board with metallic glitter paint and sprinkled on extra silver glitter

For sheer size and features, however, it's tough to

pamelapalma_diamondslatexiii_detail03. pamelapalma_diamondslatexiii_detail02

Susan Miiller Paintings at Gallery Number Nine

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The ship HMS Daedalus with a large sea snake in the foregound.

I took Zimbio's 'Wizard of Oz' quiz and I'm The Tin Man

Book of Sea Monsters

Rearranged by Dale D

by. Louis N. Pontone

Do you have a creature related issue you need help with?

Cloister Walk painting by Philip Jostrom