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Get some FABULOUS CURLS in your hair girl flexi rods on my

Get some FABULOUS CURLS in your hair girl flexi rods on my


purple and grey Flexi rods 2. Paul Mitchell leave in conditioner ” The conditioner”

Get these gorgeous curls with flexi rods. The trick is to twist your hair first!

Video Flexi Rod Tutorial on Transitioning or Relaxed Hair

Beautifully laid out perm rod set on natural hair. My perm rods NEVER look this neat and perfectly planned when I do my own hair.

Flexi-rod set on damp hair. I mixed leave in conditioner, water, and olive oil in a water bottle. I sprayed my hair and rolled starting at the scalp.

get some BIG CURLS in your hair girl! flexi rods on my brazilian wavy!

Perm Rod Set On Dry Natural Hair

Flexi Rods on Natural Hair

Flexi Rod Set. Perfect heatless curls. tutorial over at YouTube.com/actuallyashly

how to do a flexi rod set

Check out this Flexi Rod video tutorial for relaxed hair and for those transitioning to natural hair. Flexi rods on natural hair makes a protective style.

Flexi rods? ✓ Best natural-hair gel on the market? ✓️️

Last time, I showed you how you can achieve defined curls with flexi rods. Today, I'm gonna be talking about perm rods a.

@naturallychea || To avoid poofy roots, do 2 strand- twist at the roots. heatless curls. flexi rods. hairstyles for curly hair. heatless hairstyles. curly ...

Hair Tip: If you don't have the purple flexi rods, use the

Flexirods on natural hair

“Step by Step of my Flexi Rod Set using @ultrasheensupreme Started on wet hair. 1. Apply #Sleek Leave In, #Slayed Styling Lotion, and Brush through hair…”

Jumbo Flexi Rod Set! I used Ecostyler gel and moisturizing cream. Black Girl HairBlack ...

7,593 Likes, 38 Comments - ProtectiveStyles (@protectivestyles) on Instagram: “@markele.dejanae Step by step Flexi-Rod Set Pictorial using #cremeofnature ...

Video Flexi Rod Tutorial on Transitioning or Relaxed Hair

Flexi Rods: achieve a spiral curl or a wave depending on the method you roll the hair!

Lynnette Joselly: Heatless Curls for Natural Hair Using Flexi Rods #LatinaBloggers

for a sleek flexi-rod set, blow dry first!

... a known fact that curly hair. ~G1~ BEAUTIFUL 💕

curls with flexi rods/super rollers. By the ...

Wendi14c. Flexi Rod Tutorial (Tweet This). Hi Curly Girls,. Have you ever heard the ...

167 best Flexi-Rods on Natural hair images on Pinterest | Natural hair, Flexi rods and Curly girl

Easy Flexi Rod Tutorial on natural hair

As seen below, the pic on the right has my hair in clumps. This is when many hair strands together form a big chunk of curl.

Natural Hair | Flexi Rod Set on Stretched Hair Tutorial | Heatless, Frizz-Free Curls! - YouTube

How to get thd Flexi Rod Set on [Wet] Natural Hair, Video http://www.zazzle.com/timestore

Day 3 hair ...

So many things to love about this picture, hair, lips beauty 😍. Find this Pin and more on Flexi Rods ...

My nearly sleepless night aside, I love the results! To maintain the curls while I slept, I “pineappled” my hair: I bent over and tied a scarf around the ...

HEATLESS Wavy Curls Using only Flexi Rods, Water & Argan Oil

Flexi rod or perm rod set into a faux hawk. Done on natural hair.

Flexi Rods on Natural Hair Ft. Good Naturally & Good 2 Gro Products

2. take a flexi rod ...

Want to achieve curls like these…

I lightened the copper blonde and installed some flexi rod curls

Last night I dry twisted my curls & tied a ...

Want perfect curls but not damaged hair? Try flexi rods. If you don'

After rocking my curls for two days I decided to pin it up by securing my ends. I was alil nervous with my ends rubbing on my back so many days back ...

Click the pic below! fb group

... hair and give a great defined spiral curl. e4c8fc21fe46bf8ddab9bb4b0f37c272. Flexi Rods

I ...

Get A LOT of Curls Using 10 Flexi Rods + How To Fix Flat Old Curls - YouTube

horse shoe method flexi rod set, curl daze flexi rod set, flexi rod set



Flexi rod

I compiled a video of both my flexi rod takedown and some fun and playful styles that are great for when your curls become tired and dreary.

Get some HEATLESS waves in your hair girrrl! using flexi rods =)

Quick Tip – Use Two Flexi Rods At The Same Time For Each Section For Elongated Bouncy Curls

Flexi Rods and Scalp Treatment on Type 4 Hair

Flexi Rods on Natural Hair

Have a good one!

It's a Braid Out! - YouTube

Flexi Rods on Short vs. Long Hair

Photo ...

How To Use Flexi-Rods. I am a ...

Heatless Wand Curls | Flexi Rod Set on NATURAL HAIR

It's difficult because its dark when I leave home on morning's so taking pictures is impossible and the sun is already going down by the time I get home.

The look I was going for was volume. On my side is four months of new growth plus the fact that I wore by hair in a high bun for the last ...

That night I pineappled & tied a scarf around my hair. The next morning I fluffed it out & discovered that my right side was almost completely straight.

Brazilian Virgin Hair Alyssa Inspired Curls Glueless Lace Wigs[GFL24]-WOWAfrican.com

Heat Free Flexi-Rod Curls

perfect-flexi-rod-set-on-4b-4c-hair- ...

big bouncy curls: flexi rods set tutorial ft. princess hair shop

... and detangled new growth, I opted for a flexirod set (click here for my tutorial) after last week's blow out. Putting my hair on the flexi rods forces ...

Flexi Rods. A ...

I was really hoping my ends were dry since I let it air dry overnight by rolling upwards. This was actually an uncomfortable nights rest which isn't normal ...


Flexi Rods on Relaxed vs. Kinky/Curly hair


Do you braid your hair? If so, how often do you do so in a year?

What are some of your favorite hairstyles? My favorite hairstyles for transitioning were using flexi rods which I still love doing today.

Flexi Rod Tutorial|Natural Hair

Flexi Rods: achieve a spiral curl or a wave depending on the method you roll the hair!

For this wash day post, you get two for the price of one! I wanted to compare the two styles that I got using flexi rods. My flexi rods and I haven't ...

A great way to refresh your hair is by rolling it with either large rollers or flexi rods ...

The results were nothing short of amazing! I love my flexi rod set! The blueberry bliss line is a MUST have, if you have no already tried.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

9 Easy Steps for the Perfect Perm Rod Set on Natural Hair

... you get 10 in a package. Super Rollers - 11/16" thick

How to Get Perfect Bantu Knot Out Results on Dry Natural Hair | Alyssa Forever - YouTube

How To Get Your Best Twist Out Ever "Natural Hair"

Flat Iron Curls. Mo Knows Hair

If you've got long ringleted hair or natural black hair, you will love flex rods. they are wonderful for adding definition to droopy-looking curls or ...

I did smaller curls this time and used one rod at a time. Came out pretty great if I can say so myself.

straight natural hair

Curly Looks

Hot, stick-shaped rollers offer similar results to flex rods in a very fraction of the time — nice for those folks with pin-straight hair.

My NaturalSistas. Flexi rods ...