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Gifset She39s got Sparkle on her face t

Gifset She39s got Sparkle on her face t


11x08 Just My Imagination [gifset] - "She's got Sparkle on her face!

[gifset] The Prisoner SPN Dean and Castiel

SPOILERS "A werewolf-vampire hybrid? Dean os SO disappointed that Sam won't say it hahahaha!

11x08 Just My Imagination really scrub the face

Just My Imagination [gifset] - "Even when he's dead, Sparkle can't stop shining." - Sam and Sully; Supernatural < < Sometimes I question if this show is even ...

[GIFSET] Misha talking about his family 2016 West and Vicky Collins

This was a huge scene. Many times in this situation you get 'I know what you're going through' or 'It gets better with time'. She doesn't presume to know ...

Deans face is just like "year, I would do that ...

[gifset] Director Jensen Ackles

[GIFSET] 1x21 Salvation - he is so gorgeous here I can hardly stand it

[gifset] 7X07 The Mentalists - Ellen sends Dean a message :)

[gifset] 10x01 Black #SPN #Dean #Crowley

[gifset] Get ready for the feels....10x05 Fan Fiction

[gifset] Jensen teases fans for going on a boat ride with Misha and missing

Ten Inch Hero [gifset] - Priestly shutting down some idiots. < < < is dean wearing guyliner?

[gifset] So awesome and adorable I can't even stand it! Not because I'm a TS fan, but because Jensen really *is*! And their faces- it's like, ...

2x20 What Is And What Should Never Be [gifset] - the jinn dream of

[SET OF GIFS] "Sam, we are not going to make the same

Swap Meat [gifset] - I wouldn't exactly call praying to our dark overlord "goofing around". - Sam Winchester < < i loved this episode

He seriously dont get the fact he's not gonna call him sam

[gifset] Dean in Pilot vs. Stairway To Heaven /// I couldn't help but think of Walking Dead after that sentence.

(gif set) "You got to go find him.

GIFSET 11x13 Love Hurts

[gifset] But when I tell them what it's about, those who don'

[GIFSET] 4x06 Yellow Fever

(gif set) College Students AU ||| Destiel ||| Supernatural

[gifset] Inside Man "Family don't end in blood.

King Of The Damned [gifset] - "I think everyone's lying. It's a gift.

11x14 The Vessel [gifset] - first time we see the angel poof and Lucifer seeing his father's power - Casifer and Dean Winchester; Supernatural

Castiel, calling the bunker home and making my heart melt

11x04 Baby [gifset] - You don't ever think about something? Not

''Do you think half the time Mark just got bored with being ignored by the characters, so he started doing the most random shit just because, and none of it ...

We, here, at the Daily Loki, have been puzzling for a while, over why TH's hair is not usually its natural blond color- even when he's on vacation.

(gif set) Scaring People 4x06

[gifset] 10x18 Book Of The Damned #SPN #Dean #happyDean

Cas's face tho. And Dean is like why is my husband calling my brother?

Moosetress GIFset

Dean was never a kid. He was a soldier. And he blamed everything on

Demon Dean - Season 10 [gifset]

[gifset] Supernatural The Devil in the Details - "If it did work, and she is dead, bring her body out." - Castiel, Dean Winchester about Amara/The Darkness;

He won't let Cas heal him, because he thinks he deserves to suffer... he breaks my heart :( - 11x03 The Bad Seed [gifset]

I wish Sam would fight for Dean again, he's just pissing me off now, get over Sam, your brother saved your life.

[GIFSET] 5x14 My Bloody Valentine and 6x14 Mannequin 3: The Reckoning

His face in the second gif XD "Bobby I am done with your shit it's me goddammit"

[gifset] Deleted Scene 4x16 On The Head Of A Pin #SPN #Dean

[gifset] bobby singer, who I miss every episode. < < < < < This had to be my favorite Bobby scene/episode

Captives [gifset] - "Get over it." - Kevin, Dean, Sam - yeah, Sam, we know you well enough to know when you are lying to our face(s)

(gif set) Father-Daughter Relationships ||| Jimmy and Claire, Samuel

[GIFSET] 9x18 Meta Fiction. I think this is a whole new level of

(gif set) The Winchesters [And a Milligan, legally. Now let's count the ones that haven't died yet.

Sam's face < < < Actually, that's Jared laughing! He just found the moment to be so funny and couldn't stop himself, and the writers kept it in

The little brother Dean loves most, and the little sister Dean never wanted but wouldn't trade now that he's got her. :) sooooo many feels

[gifset] 6x14 Mannequin 3: The Reckoning #SPN #Dean #BenBraeden #

[GIFSET] Crossroad Blues>>> poor Sammy wasn't even listed as an accomplice

I hope we all realize that Dean gets the MOST angry when Sam starts mentioning Cas with other people. The funny thing is I don't even ship this I just love ...

[GIFSET] Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid,,,Kinda Supernatural in a nutshell, lmao!

[gifset] "A demon is a human soul, twisted and corrupted by its time in Hell."

A sign that Dean loves Claire even if he doesn't always agree with her

Provenance [gifset] - Dean to Sam: marry that girl

I skipped out of Heaven, had a face…

[GIFSET] A fan at JibCon makes Jensen cry <3 every time I see this it makes me extremely sad but happy. Jensen is amazing.

[GIFSET] Jensen and Misha recreating a cat gif

You know it's bad when what Amara is saying actually sorta kinda maybe makes a tiny bit of sense.

[gif-set] Then and now.

(gif set) Jensen and Misha make the most of "Destiel" lines in the gag reel. I don't ship it in the slightest but seriously why the hell is it "Destiel" ...

(gif set) Lucifer, Gabriel, and free will THANK YOU! I love Gabriel, he didn't want his family to fight he just wanted it to be over with already.

[gifset] 8x19 Taxi Driver - when Kevin goes really crazy. He totally lost

Girls Girls Girls: Hannah, I love you so much, you don't even know

[GIFSET] "But you know Randall. You know what he's capable of. What do you think'll happen to her if she falls into his hands again?

Supernatural - Heaven and Hell - gifset] - "His flinch, his frown, his surprise and slow comprehension on his face… He's just that unused to genuinely ...

[gifset] 10x23 Brother's Keeper #SPN #Death #Sam

Sammy's smile appreciation - click through for gif set

Awkward Castiel is all sorts of delightful.

[GIFSET] 9x13 The Purge. Oh, Sammy :(

9x23 / 10x02 [gifset] - Tough being the King. - Crowley, Supernatural

256 best Supernatural quotes images on Pinterest | Supernatural, Supernatural quotes and Winchester boys

Out Of The Darkness, and Into The Fire Supernatural Dean: "Just gonna let me get in the car?" Sam: "You were on a roll." sassy Sam is sassy!

9x20 Bloodlines [gifset] - "You guys can kiss and make up later,

This here is Walker. He's a Texas Ranger." <--Jensen in a Cowboy hat.that is all oh and the clint eastwood and Walker texas ranger bit, lol.

Breaking the fourth wall [gifset]

Lololol every day is a tough day for them but it does make me laugh to

[gifset] Honey, if you don't want him.. send him

[gifset] Brother's Keeper SPN Dean and Sam

[GIFSET] Dean and the Yellow Eyed Demon face off in Devil's Trap < < He doesn't deny anything Azazel says, even though it's all crap. He just comes up with a ...

(gif set) Destiel [Ship them or don't ship them, this

[gifset] Crowley cares about his boys. < < Crowley is that villain who's changed and become the weird, still slightly evil uncle who pretends to hate the ...

11x14 The Vessel [gifset] - Lucifer!Cas finally revealing himself to Sam -

(gif set) Dean Smiling

[GIFset] If anyone can understand Dean's self hate, ...

"He's so alpha, isn't he?" Rowena, talking about Lucifer.

How do you get any work done I don't understand [gifset] < < <

[gif-set] "...Fuck." – The SPN fandom. 10x09

What would happen. Who might get hurt. Your brother, for one. Because of a choice you made.'' / Dean & Sam Winchester, quote from Alex Annie Alexis Ann

4x20 The Rapture [gifset] - "Daddy, aren't you going to

[GIFSET] My Bloody Valentine /// Look at the fear on Sam's face. No one takes Dean's food. -- Haha--No one takes Dean's food except for his boyfriend

The Devil in the Details [gifset] - "I hate you because if I didn't." - Rowena and Crowley; Supernatural - this scene was brilliant and sad, so well acted

[gifset] Inside Man Dean didn't want to be called hero in this context.

Ok this isn't one of my favorite parts but it's important.

[gifset] Couldn't agree more! #CWInterview #Jensen

[gifset] Dean eat a snickers!