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Humble harbinger of spring crocus SPRING t Planting

Humble harbinger of spring crocus SPRING t Planting


spring crocus....Nature in Violet!

Photo by Barry Munger

The winter's snow may have melted but we are not fooled. There is always one, wet and heavy snow left about the time the crocus bloom at Pi's Cottage.

Frühlingsbote - spring flower - take a handful of crocus and throw them in your yard

The best known harbingers of spring, most of our clumps of crocuses have been decimated by the voles. We'll plant more in the fall, but we'll need to ...

The crocus is a genus in the iris family comprising of about 80 species. Many are cultivated for their flowers in autumn, winter, or spring and also for ...

Enlarge Photo by Friends of the High Line

A Pean To The Mighty Crocus

Crocus chrysanthus Romance

Crocus: The harbinger of spring

harbinger of spring

Crocus chrysanthus. Iridaceae. (From the Greek, krokos, saffron) The species itself grows on open hills and meadows in wild places, in Turkey and the ...

(*Photo of the Month)

pictures flowers in snow and quotes | Crocus neapolitanus

There will be spring soon!

hostess of the humble bungalow

Purple crocus in the snow gives us hope for spring!

A Pean To The Mighty Crocus

Crocus: The harbinger of spring

Pale blue Crocus through the snow.

Almost Spring Time. Crocus popping through snow

Spring crocus

Enlarge Photo by Mike Tschappat

These crocuses are pushing through the winter snow


Multiplying like crazy

As with many flowers there are several stories in Greek mythology describing the origin of this humble little flower.

Scilla bulbs planted in fall add unusual spring colour.

In North America it may be the Robin which is the harbinger of Spring but here in the UK, it is the bumble bee and as soon as we see them bumbling ...

img 2275 Six on Saturday 10th of March,2018

There are plenty of flowers, like this crocus, that come close to this brilliant colour for the garden.

Tulips planted in fall for good spring colour.

Flower Glossary


Inspired by spring and several of my fellow bloggers postings on the humble crocus see Reggie Darling and Acanthus and Acorn, Savoir Faire also has decided ...

Photo by Friends of the High Line

Crocuses - Harbinger of Spring

my harbinger of Spring

The best-known Greek legend about the crocus is the story detailing the tragedy of Crocus and Smilax: The handsome youth Crocus sets out in pursuit of the ...

As if pulled by invisible threads from heaven, the crocus shoots have come through frozen ground to herald spring. There is nothing apparent that would lure ...

Even so, there are harbingers of spring popping up daily and everywhere if you pay attention. Spunky robins are lurking around the back yard in growing ...

Spring art! Crocus


Crocuses in bloom at Homeward Bounty Farm. These wild pollinators are happy with this find!

Promise of Spring Fulfilled Eye Candy Friday

11 Another view


If you Crocus


Due to the cold temps this spring some things are behind a bit. It just does not want to get warm yet.

but often in the very early spring it feels like that. Two thousand years are only a day or two by this scale.

but often in the very early spring it feels like that. Two thousand years are only a day or two by this scale.

It doesn't seem to have cheered this fella up much

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Crocuses on March 6, 2018, a day before the nor'easter

Are a sure sign that spring is here.

10 ...

photos, Dan Ryan

6 ...

... Crocus as your personal harbinger of spring: Congratulations ...

... if this balmy weather weren't indication enough). And yes, I know they're not green, but OH that yellow needs to go on a piece of furniture IMMEDIATELY.

Crocuses are amongst the first harbingers of spring, the very symbol of new life. This photo was taken this past Saturday, the first official day of spring.

These white Hyacinth were affected by the frigid cold temps of late and have almost turned translucent somewhat. I am surprised more haven't been damaged by ...

The ...

They are the first of the Crocus and again reassure us that the time of rejuvenation is truly at hand.


A fall bulb planting idea includes using Snowdrops in a fairy garden container.

Spring art! Crocus · Croci

spring is coming--purple

Daffodils planted on a hillside to commemorate a young cancer victim.

Snowdrops, crocuses, daffodils

Harbinger of Spring Green zeal and a hood of white. Wintertime be warned

One of my favorite mini essays by E.B. White is, "Mysteries of Life." Recently I referred to it when commenting on an entry on The Writer's Almanac's ...


The brave Crocus and Nin, of course.

One of my favorite mini essays by E.B. White is, "Mysteries of Life." Recently I referred to it when commenting on an entry on The Writer's Almanac's ...

Bloodroot risk to bloom Redbud branches Spring ...

I'll be showing you my big green blanket later this week, it's turned out very nicely and is also very spring-themed......soon :-)

Sunday, March 13, 2016


Gentian (Gentiana)[edit]

Crocus tommasinianus ...


The always fetching, Blue-eyed Grass, proves that small is beautiful, if sometimes mis-named.

I first moved to these mountains in spring. Early spring, when things are still raw with beginning. It felt fitting. I had left behind my entire life in New ...

Perhaps tomorrow ...

I after seeing this wished I had gotten the Spring rock garden in view but I didn't. Its at the bottom just out of view. I think the idea here was to ...

One of my favorite mini essays by E.B. White is, "Mysteries of Life." Recently I referred to it when commenting on an entry on The Writer's Almanac's ...

Usually they bloom much later, at the same time as the miniature daffodils which are planted in the same border but which have barely ...

This past weekend we filled all of our planters with perky pansies. Another spring fixture in New England, usually we don't plant these until the end of ...

The Royal Star Magnolia tree did not do well this year bloom wise along with the Okame Cherry tree beside it due to earlier on cold nipping it. So it wasn't ...

live as for the Lord.

“To a Crocus” (1827) by Bernard Barton. Welcome, wild harbinger of spring!

Jon just bought some more of them in all colors and I planted them in April non native along with with various other spring flowers.

As you turn over the dirt, making space for your little gems, think about how cheerful and welcoming they will be in 6 months. You can thank yourself now ...

In case you have an abundance of Spring Beauties and don't mind harvesting your own fairy spuds. The tubers are found about two to three inches under the ...