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Love you Cracks my shit UP t Funny weed memes

Love you Cracks my shit UP t Funny weed memes


Do they? More More

I love you more than meth labs love sudafed.

Girls be like.Oh, Kat Williams. You crack me up.

Hoes be like #instagram #humor

7 Reasons Why You Will Never Do Anything Amazing With Your Life

This just cracked me up 😂😂😳😳

Because sometimes it's the only thing that will get you through the day! #LIVETHANKFUL

XD "Hello yes this is titan" cracks my shit up.

You can't help but stalk my shit lol. I know, I like

Reasons I need coffee

#45 Sean Bean…Coffee Beans…Any Questions?

40 Snarky Funny Minions to Crack You Up #minionquotes #minionpics #funnyminions #minionpictures

i love you more than quotes

#3 Decaffeinated Kitty

#22 Delightful Delivery

Story of my life. not the stoner part, just being hungry all the time.

I'm not one for memes but this kid's face is cracking me up. Can't stop laughing.

i love you more than

@Plainview Vintage Musgrove, I'm not gonna say whether or not I cracked

And sometimes, that means .

He lived in fear that other thoroughbreds would discover he was not naturally high strung.

i love you more than distance between us

i love you more than image

i love you more than sky

i love you more than you will ever know quote


#4 The Grinch Who Stole My Coffee

Attack on Titan on CRACK

The creator of “Atlanta” wants TV to tell hard truths. Is the audience ready?

If you get one thing out of this blog post, get that manifesting abundance does not have to be hard. In fact, it's quite the opposite as you'll soon ...

When you smell weed in school

I love you more than crap loves a sewer.

I don't smoke weed anymore - it fucks with me in a bad way - but this was so true!

[Attached pic] ...

Redneck Pride

They say coffee helps with diabetes. It is a serious decease. It is a funny picture, but if you love coffee drink to your health. Coffee does have benefits.

This ...

It wasn't until many years later when I was struggling with the question of “Just who am I?” that Ben's advice came whispering back to me.

Siri are you on crack? . . . . Follow @fagnetic because we have

If you have ever tried to photograph your poop, you would know how hard it is to get a good picture. There is really no sense of scale when you point a ...



#17 No Jollies Without Joe

3. DiPT

OCD: Obsessive Coffee Disorder - for all coffee lovers. Waiting for the Italian coffee machine that my mum is sending me xxx love you mum

No Matter How Much You Like RuPaul's Drag Race, It's Still Problematic

If humour and laughter are part of your source code and awaken something in you, then using this affirmation could represent an exciting breakthrough.



"Technically, my name is actually Steven. Didn't know that? Well, you didn't think to ask, did you?"

Fuck Off Spray: Keeps idiots and assholes away for up to four hours.

Nick Cave. '

Advertisement. "


Why is this cracking my shit up?

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Coffee, good for your soul. Get your Geeter-on, Get SH*

yes. yes. yes. yes yes yes. thank you Jesus for this gift

Read Message - nycap.rr.com

You Only Spend with the Short Term in Mind


HAVE YOU CONSIDERED ADDING A NIACIN SUPPLEMENT? I HEARD ABOUT IT ON NPR!" -- Your friend Dan who drinks two Michelob Ultras a week.

"Thanks for mentioning my day job, Gladstone. Remind me to tell everyone in heaven you're a weekend manager for T.G.I. Friday's when you're not writing for ...


You Develop a Taste for Shitty Food


Advertisement. "

(Photo by Andoni Lubaki)

coffee makes life liveable!

Thinkstock/Stockbyte/Getty Images But the outfits will look fucking sweet!


I've cut back to just ONE cup a day.made my doctor happy!

How to Deal with an Introvert Goat

For the rest of his life, Steve Harwell will forever be known as 'the dude from Smash Mouth.'

And guess what society tells you to turn to when that happens?

[ IMG]

Probably drank too much coffee this morning. Probably drank too much. Drank too much. Probably too much coffee.

Jupiterimages/PHOTOS.com/Getty Images

This is me four by four.

Doesn't it look funny?


bathandbodyworks.com. Goddammit, Bath and Body Works. Why are you doing this?

6. The Javan Cucumber Masters the Mechanics of Flight

We can't count the number of times we've had that shocking realization over the past month. You know, it happens every year, but somehow you never ...

Rabbit in a Teacup: Merry Christmas Baby. Here your teacup

6 Hilarious Ways Our Ancestors Solved Everyday Problems

It Becomes A Self-Sustaining Cycle Of Shit

Getty It's also good for killing cats.

My new poster arrived today and I absolutely love it!