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Seem odd because that installation was to be the Navy39s FJ2

Seem odd because that installation was to be the Navy39s FJ2


... seem odd because that installation was to be the Navy's FJ-2 armament. However, the two XFJ-2s did not have any armament at all, hence the distinction.

I think this is a really neat photo, one that would make a great basis for a small diorama, but it also shows off a number of details to advantage.

North American FJ-2 & FJ-4 Furies

Picture of Install New Siphon Tube

This is another assessment of the upper nose shape based on a pretty good NAA FJ-3 drawing compared to a Craig Kaston photo of a museum's FJ-3 (it looks ...

Next came the FJ-3, an FJ-2 variant with a 7,650-Ib thrust J65-W-4 engine, a variant of the British-designed Armstrong-Siddeley Sapphire turbojet engine, ...

A QF-9J target drone in 1970

... a tailhook installation that was located above the "fuselage" (probably because one located on the belly would have resulted in excessive tail rise, ...

... enough discussion about which wing it is, which F-86 aftermarket bits you can use (none) and so on, and a lot of it doesn't really matter: it looks like ...

... dress up the blank instrument panel and consoles, so I added some pieces from a True Details instrument sheet. The kit seat looks like a crate in which ...

And here's a 3/4 rear view of the port side of the aircraft. The early P2Vs were still armed, carrying 20mm cannon in the nose and tail and a pair of ...

Picture of Firmware Installation (cont.)

Lighter than previous designs while still mounting the same engine, the F4B demonstrated excellent performance, allowing it to ...

Introduction: Replacement Pivoting Mitre Saw Base

Picture of NES Zelda II Cartridge Battery Holder Install. Cheap, Easy, & Neat

my black pill seems to be missing the two long strips of header pins. Not that big of a deal because I have plenty of header pins in my junk bin, just FYI


Introduction: How to Install Fedora on a SheevaPlug and Boot Off a SD Card.

Picture of Compiling the Programme


Picture of Install STM32F103RB in Arduino IDE

Picture of MultiWii Pro 2.0 Installation and ESC Wiring

Picture of Installing Lights (optional)

Picture of Decorative Cord Cover

Picture of Final Steps

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Picture of Installing the Terminal Emulation Software

Picture of Debian Install Hints.

Picture of Designing of the PCB Layout

Introduction: Install a LOWES UTILITECH PRO LED Flushmount Ceiling Fixture in Your Garage

I love the unusual paint scheme on this Sabre! Almost all F-86s came with a shiny aluminum finish, but this camouflage was used briefly in ...

Picture of Step 5 Making a Window

Introduction: Ubilinux Installation on Intel Edison

It's difficult to get a good image of the very fine wires of the sense antenna on the inside of the FJ-2 canopy.

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Picture of Counting Down

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Picture of Step Eight – Installing

The Daily Tar Heel

The brass gear appears to be repurposed from something else because the tooth profile looks like it's designed to mesh with a second gear.

Searching Google for "askew" or "tilt" will cause the search results to be displayed at a slight angle.

Down the screen is a section called Pickups, which shows the frequency at which an iPhone is picked up during the day. Apple breaks pickup data into hours, ...

Picture of Wooden Torch

Is the Toyota FJ Cruiser already collectible?

Picture of Install Arduino IDE

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Picture of Install CapacitiveController Sketch

Picture of Install Potentiometer on to Pedal Construction.

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Picture of Set Up the Capacity Test Rig

High Performance Parkzone T-28 Trojan Parkflyer RC Plane Flight with Funny Landing - YouTube

Now, push the outlet into the hole so the wires/prongs are on the underside or inside of the structure you are mounting to....front (top):

Chrome's long-promised HTTP warnings arrive

Bench1.jpg ...

Picture of Making It Look Realistic

Chemical detection of F420 in dominant soil phyla. (a) HPLC traces showing F420 from cell lysates of different species relative to a purified F420 standard.

How to Make/dye Your Own Feather Hair Extensions in Almost Any Vibrant Color: 9 Steps

Picture of Mold the Orange and Blue

Picture of De-Rust Your Old Table Saw

Picture of Installing the Software

The airplane has seen better days, and the looks on the faces of the pilot and V-2-Division sailor say they'd both rather be ...

Picture of Cut, Drill, and Assemble

Picture of Installing Hardware & Making Drawers

Mark the hole with a permanent marker, so you will not have to make the entire process a second time if you look away for an instant ;-)

Picture of Cut L Brackets


Picture of Go to Filter - Distorts - IWarp

Picture of Install Back Panel and LED Unit

5 More Images

Picture of Installing the 16 X 2 LCD Display

Picture of 3D Printed Lights for Lexan RC Bodies

Picture of Heat Protector Handle

Picture of Mirror Tabs

Picture of Fill Up the Pipette, Install Into the Rig

Picture of Starting Your Pizza!

Picture of Assembling the Chuck

Picture of Mounting the Print Bed Assembly

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Picture of Installing the Blocking

Picture of Materials


Picture of Dremaling

Picture of Plastic Smoothie Designs

Picture of Let It Dry, and Wipe Off the Excess.

Picture of Installation and Commissioning

Picture of Renew It! Make It Look Fresh and Young Again