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Sometimes I feel like this and I don39t have someone there for me to

Sometimes I feel like this and I don39t have someone there for me to


Sometimes I don't feel like being around anyone or talking to anyone. I'm not depressed or upset, I just value my own space.

When you don't reply to me sometimes I feel like you found someone you like ...

"Does anyone else ever feel like just giving up... Do you feel like if you just disappeared, no one would care, no one would look for you, ...

"You can save everyone, but who's there to save you?" This is my biggest problem. I don't feel like I have anyone sometimes.

As soon as your eyes meet you know if you like someone, you don'

I don't miss my ex.. But I miss the feeling of having

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Sometimes I feel like even the closest people to me don't care about me

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Sometimes you feel like you just can't do it anymore... I feel like that right now.. And I don't have anyone to help me ...

I feel like I don't belong in the same world as my friends. I love them to ...

I know there's people that love me ... But sometimes I feel like I don't have ...


It sucks when you don't have anyone to talk to at night when you are all alone and feeling ...

Sometimes you don't mean to and you just do. For me it's soo

... talk to family, and don't go out and socialize. And I'm okay with that for the most part. But sometimes I just want to have someone to be there for me

I dont feel like dating anymore

Someone posted a whisper, which reads "Do you ever feel depressed over the smallest things and then when people ask what's wrong you feel like you can't ...

Someone out there loves you. I love you. No

Everybody always thinks its my fault. Everybody always has to fucking blame me for everything. Fuck you. | Me | Pinterest | Depressing, Feelings and Truths

Someone posted a whisper, which reads "Telling someone with anxiety to just calm down is like telling someone with epilepsy to just stop having a seizure "

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Please be patient with me. Sometimes I'm quiet, it's because I need to figure myself out. It's not because I don't want to talk. Sometimes there are no ...

Sometimes we're so busy giving, fixing, healing, helping and yes, sometimes trying to change others that we don't really stop to ask: Who the hell is taking ...

Sometimes I know I don't deserve to be loved, but I just wish someone would love me anyway.

Sad Love Quotes :

Love will find a way

Sometimes I feel like I have no real friends. They don't seem to care about me.

“Every time I talk to you, I go over every word of the conversation many times in my head. If I said something I feel I like I shouldn't have said, ...

Sometimes You Don't Need To Say Anything Just Be There Just Be Here Beside Me – Advertising Quote

Sometimes its like I'm alone even though I have family and friends all around

please be patient with me

We don't need people to fix us, we just want to feel supported.

Mostly I spend time either with my family or with myself, I always try to explore some new skills in me, recently I tried making sketches and reached ...

Seek the wisdom to let go

Me too. - I'm so sorry I've made you feel like this. I'm a fucking killer. I don't want to make you sad. <

Sometimes we don't realize how damaging people can really be.

I don't need someone to save me.but i do need someone to be there. This couldn't be more perfect. I don't need someone to save me, I just sometimes need ...

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Yes, these words can leave you feeling irritated and sometimes it upsets you. Some people by their insensitive words, invalidate the pain and you feel like ...

You don't want to be with me, fine. But i don't need dumb ass excuses…

25. «

Benjamin+Watson Sometimes, we feel like we don't want to offend people, but there

Successful people often shift their perspectives on things.Unsplash / Pixabay

Sometimes I feel like this... willing to trade everyone around me for a good brew. #coffee

this is my personality all the way! - I love your personality. I love your quirks. I love you even when I don't like you at the moment.

Someone from Canton, New York, US posted a whisper in the group Teens👑, which reads "Whenever I'm in our group of friends, I always feel that I am the ...

Don't be afraid to be awesome. Sometimes being weird and different is good. When you think you're working hard, there is always someone else working harder, ...

Sometimes the only thing that keeps me going is this feeling in me: I don't want to leave anyone else out there to suffer alone. To feel like they have no ...

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Dating someone when you are not over your ex

There is no escaping this grief. No matter if I sit and let it overcome me or if I am so busy that I don't let myself feel it.

It's a very mean and nasty place and I don't care how tough you are, it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let ...

“If one more person says, 'I get sad sometimes, too' or 'Other people have it way worse,' I'm going to scream. I can't help this constant feeling of dread ...


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Sometimes we simply just don't get on with others, but are forced into environments where we can't avoid them. Verity Brown explores how annoyance and ...

Security is always going to be a cat and mouse game because there'll be

How do I convince myself that I don't need a man? Sometimes I envy them who's loved by their lover.

Depression isnt always at 3am. Sometimes it happens at 3pm, while youre with friends

I heard a quote from the fabulous Lainie Devina a few weeks ago that really stuck with me. Lainie is one of the master teachers at Yogaworks that I was ...

Do not torture yourself


If this was what your situation like, You probably did the right thing. How much of the world have you seen! Trust me there are better people around!

sometimes I love you sometimes I hate you but not a day goes by when I

I have to be mindful of how it affects my immune system. So I try not to stress as much, but it's hard. I am undetectable, but the stress can cause me to ...

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I didn't fail the test. i just found 100 ways to do it

Tell me a joke

Mental illness quote - Please don't try to fix me. Please understand that

sometimes I feel like people who don't know me well appreciate me more than

Sometimes a person can ignore you because he is unable to dominate or manipulate you. Sometimes he ignore you because he feel inferior in your presence.

... depression may be impacting a survivor. We encourage you to share this quick-reference sheet with the people in your life to help them understand.

I need ideas on stories Doesn't matter what you suggest if I like it enough then I'll write it of I don't write it don't feel bad sometimes I ...

grieving 7

Sometimes, after a bad day, I don't feel like I have anything to give to anyone. I don't want to do anything except crawl into my bed and numbly watch ...

God never promised I'd get what I want, that my days would be easy, that just because I chose to follow Him I wouldn't suffer, or that He'd let me skip the ...

if you love someone you have to let them go sometimes. I think I could stand to be a little less loved my hugs could be just a little bit ...

sometimes I feel like this and I don't have someone there for me to

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Sometimes you have to give up on people. Not because you don't care, because they don't.

Your first love ain't the one you give your heart to.

Once I get totally pissed off from someone, it's hard for me to talk to him/her normally like nothing happened. In fact, it's hard for me to talk to him/her ...

Sigh. Friends are the best. But, back to that conversation.

Like I said, I don't give people support or make effort to see them because I want something back. That's not how it works. It would just be nice to have it ...

... and someone to hold my hand makes me feel better and not so lost and alone. We all need that, a friend, a love, someone to be there for us sometimes.

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Gaslighting is when someone screws with your sense of reality to manipulate you, causing you to distrust yourself and trust them instead.

The obsession with that person. You think about them constantly and depend on them always


its been a rough year. sometimes i feel like i cant trust anyone anymore cuz we dont speak the same language

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We get angry about the small things sometimes, I feel, so that we feel like we're doing something, so that we don't have to tackle the big things.